December Song Chart Position – Told Ya

I hate to say, “I told you so!”, but I did (I think pretty much everything I said would happen, did happen).  I said then I thought that, as great a record as it undoubtedly is,the new George Michael single December Song had no chance of being a Top 5, or even a Top 10 single because of the flawed promotional strategy aka “Perform on X-Factor”.    Tonight, December Song charted at #14 in the UK singles chart.

12 thoughts on “December Song Chart Position – Told Ya

  1. Sukey, I think that’s an excuse: there was no limit on electronic downloads. The truth is, if you monitored downloads, you could plainly see there was a dramatic tail off in interest in the track as the week progressed.

    Having said that, this track is a “grower”. It’ll be interesting to see if it maintains its chart position, or falls quickly down the chart.

  2. yeah, but the downloading thing is not the same as physical sales. many people still prefer to have the physical copy and couldn’t care less about itunes or any other means of downloading a track. that’s especially true for people over certain age and let’s face it – it’s not like george’s audience is comprised of teenagers and the likes. Also, it’s bloody christmas and people are massively buying cds as presents, especially this past weekend. i’m looking at the sales figures right now and reality is, if what they are saying about the distribution of the cd is true, then george missed out on an opportunity for a top 10 hit. No chance for a top 6 mind you, but still. when was the last time george made the top 10? flawless if I remember correctly?

    anyway, i agree it would be interesting to see next week’s charts. i’m guessing it would drop but probably would stay in the top 25.

  3. Of course – some people, especially older people, still prefer a physical copy to downloading a track. However, that wasn’t really my point.

    My point was that going on the X-Factor was not good strategy from the point of view of promoting George’s record. A huge percentage of X-Factor fans prefer to download e.g. from iTunes, than to buy a copy. So, if the promotion had worked… if there had been some huge “X-Factor effect” as George likes to call it… well, his record would have been a huge hit from downloads alone.

    Even with the X-Factor promotion, however, the chart performance of December Song is not really much different to the chart performance of his two most recent singles (This Is Not Real Love, and An Easier Affair) for which he did almost no promotion.

    It’s definitely true what George says, though – that very few physical copies of the single were made. On the other hand, is there a large number of people that weren’t able to get the record that really wanted to? I’m not so sure.

  4. I still haven’t heard ‘December Song’ on my prefered radio station (Magic 105.4 in London). Now admittedly I don’t listen all day as I’m at work, but I always seem to catch ‘Last Christmas’ at least a couple of times a week …in fact my mum assures me that she hears LC at least 3 or 4 times a day. Is any radio station playing the new song? What it also needs is exposure on the Christmas video programmes on 4Music for example. I haven’t seen any of them this year, is it being played?
    I know George doesn’t seem to care about it but it bothers me if his singles don’t do well.😦

  5. Re! How to donate each of us one million pounds? Or better the ones you love most? I mean to be not too expensive… Otherwise you can go to hell! Time is money as they say.

  6. Re, you are lazy as George it is. Thats why you dont have to write anymore your shit. Go and get married.

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