George Michael Talks Selling Out To Loose Women

George Michael just phoned the live UK  TV show “Loose Women” (kinda like The View in the US) to say sorry to everyone that has tried to buy his single, December Song, only to find it’s sold out.  George said that the record company didn’t think he would sell that many, and so didn’t make enough to satisfy the demand coming from his recent X-Factor performance.

This doesn’t sound like the whole story to me.  For one thing, if Island didn’t think he would sell any records, why the hell would they bother signing him?  Also, the level of stock of the record in shops was so low as to be ridiculous.  Forget about selling out because it’s popular.  At the stock levels supplied to shops (often just a handful of copies), it would have sold out even it wasn’t popular.

Anyway, George says the stores will have more copies of December Song in stock next Monday, 21st December.

5 thoughts on “George Michael Talks Selling Out To Loose Women

  1. The word from shop owners I have spoken to is that NO STOCK was received… Umm… did someone forget to order the damn CDs again? Come-on Stephens..

  2. I doubt George will work with Sony again at least in the UK. Also, there is less retail space these days so the competition for that space is higher. Labels constantly underestimate/overestimate what a record is going to sell. You do have to factor in retail deciding how much stock they want from an artist based on their own clientele.

  3. Aristotle: Basically, yes. If you do anything of relevance twice a decade, and don’t do yourself any favours PR-wise the rest of the time, then don’t expect the whole world to suddenly care just because you decide to be productive once in a blue moon.

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