More On The George Michael – Joe X-Factor Duet

I’ve now had the opportunity to watch the performance of George Michael and Joe McElderry from last night’s X-Factor final Part 1 with high-quality sound.  Suffice to say, both did a good job.

Now, I hate to say I told you so, but I did… George is getting a fair amount of abuse for his performance with Joe last night.  Criticisms on Twitter ranged from “How rough did George Michael look?” and “OMG Joe is outsinging George Michael on his own song” through “Who does George Michael think he is?”, “George Michael is such a hasbeen”, “OMG How arrogant is George Michael?” all the way to “George Michael is very angular”, “How creepy did George Michael look with Joe?”, “What a disgusting perv George Michael is” and “OMG did you see George Michael being all paedo with Joe?”

Of course, none of these criticisms are reasonable.  The point is this… as I said previously – people that are fans of the X-Factor fall into two categories, the largest one of which contains pretty much the whole of the dregs of UK society.  Truly thick, revolting so-called humans. Why anyone would want to perform to an audience of ten million (or more) of the great unwashed I have no idea.  Now that reality TV and the Internet have given these retards a voice, surely smart people would only put their heads above the parapet when there’s a chance to ridicule the sub-humans in the way they deserve.  It’s for their own good – they can only benefit from learning that their opinions, like everything else about their lives, are worthless…

Still, that’s in the past now – George Michael’s performance last night was strong enough that it seems that most the papers haven’t felt able to really put the boot in (By the way – @DavidFurnish – George didn’t seem that ill, did he? Can you think what that might be?)

On tonight’s X-Factor Final Part 2, George will be singing solo.  Looking forward to seeing it.  Be interesting to see if George becomes a trending topic on Twitter tonight, like he was last night.  That really confused the fuck out a bunch of dim-witted Twitter users that couldn’t comprehend that George Michael might be big news for something other than getting arrested…

13 thoughts on “More On The George Michael – Joe X-Factor Duet

  1. You know someone called George a “bit paedo” (no I don’t know why these people are allowed Twitter accounts either)and it just makes me realise even more that there is no point arguing with stupidity- bit like the BNP..

    On the other hand, bless them for being able to actually typing something on Twitter AND spelling george’s name correctly all at the same time…

  2. Was I the only one hearing George hitting some real bum notes in his performance? Clearly I’m turning into too much of a snob. Or spent too much time listening to singers who take care of their voices (meow!). Either way, if anyone had told me five years ago that George Michael would be duetting with a Gareth Gates sound-alike on a reality show, I’d have laughed in their faces. Makes me wonder what’s next…

  3. After George’s performance of December Song half an hour a go, the great unwashed have been crazy with their George-related Google searches. Want to know what they’ve been searching for? “george michael glasses”, “why does george michael wear glasses”, “why does george michael always wear glasses”.

    Not just a few people doing those searches. Lots of people.

  4. Interesting…:-/

    Was it even live? Sounded on and off live/pre-recorded. Or fully pre-recorded to look live. Or half’n’ half recorded and live. Weird. Either way it was quite lame. I still have the George that used to knock me off my feet when he performed live fresh in memory.

  5. LMAO! listen to the ‘haters’ “GM is a paedo” they say that ‘cos he’s gay…I pity the people who write stuff like that; I really do. They haven’t a clue about anything really. I actually believe GM changed the pitch of his voice to suit Joe; hence not a fantastic (albeit still great) rendition of the song. Watch hi sing his latest track live….awesome; a brilliant delivery of a very difficult song to sing. Just my thoughts!😀

  6. George’s vocal was live, but he had some pre-recorded backing vocals of his voice. Difficult song. I’m think he just about pulled it off, but I’m not sure George will be completely happy with his performance.

  7. George’s glasses are really cool, where does he buy them from ….to funky !!
    George did very well at the X – Factor….great job!!! I loved it !!🙂

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that George and Joe looked too cute together !!!! I dare to say …like father and son….too sweet

  9. George looks Fantastic! Fantastic!! Fantastic!!! And he had all the judges on their feet after all!!!🙂

    Having George performing his Christmas song there and dueting with my favourite contestant, and then having Joe winning…it just feels Brilliant!!!🙂🙂🙂
    I am very proud of George and he should be so!!!

    ‘Haters’ should have no voice really!!!

  10. @pippi, No you’re not the only one! The cuteness of them together was awesome. I love the moment where Joe looks at George halfway through their duet and breaks out in a huge smile. It’s as if he suddenly realizes who it really is that he is singing with! Totally starstruck, lol.

    And then there’s the moment where Joe gets a hug from George and George gives him a slightly nervous look like “was that ok for you?”. Too cute for words. And Joe almost doubling up when the enormity of the whole situation hits him. Lucky boy, holding your own in a duet with George is no mean feat! Whatever happens to him in his career nobody can take that memory away from him.

    George Michael was so gracious, holding himself back and giving Joe the chance to shine. Just as Mark I also thought the song was changed to suit Joe’s voice. It wasn’t really right for George any more but he’s such a star and such a wonderful singer that he gave a great performance anyway.

  11. Ada, you are so right. I think he did a really pro job. If you look at at the recording again, you’ll see that he was guiding Joe quite beautifully, leaving him is dignity.

    How can anyone think that Robbie with his Karaoke performance or Michael Bublé, who I bet has got the hots for Stacy, did a better job? Of course, who is going to recognize small signs, when the whole show has been remodeled to suit the American market (just think of all screaming)?

    It might not have been a powerful performance (where would it have left Joe?) but it showed that his voice still has got a nice quality and sound to it.

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