George & Joe Nail X-Factor Song

Five o’clock in the morning I ain’t home.  I have, however, just watched a recording of the X-Factor Final from Saturday night.  Just wanted to say – George Michael and Joe McElderry were incredible. They completely nailed their duet…  Made it their own… Knocked it out of the park… Smashed it etc.

Looks like George got the biggest reaction out of all the people performing tonight (both established artists and finalist), and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter after his performance.

Good to see George being generous in his praise of Joe.  I think Joe and Olly are the right choice for the final two to go on to the last show tomorrow night.  On balance, I think Joe should win; he has really developed as a singer during the course of the show.

George should be be back performing on tomorrow night’s show.

3 thoughts on “George & Joe Nail X-Factor Song

  1. Yeah, good choice of finalists, except for Danyl who clearly should have been in the final instead of Stacey(Joe would have liked that!)

    With all these rumours about Robbie Williams becoming the new X-Factor judge (please, DO send Dannii Minogue to a parallel – dull – world), I think George should consider taking up the position himself. He seemed genuinely impressed with the talents on the show…

  2. I was actually afraid of hearing this, but it was actually fine. Still, compared to the “original” (iow the duet with Elt), it was clearly no match. But then again, how could it be. Esp as it was at a time when both Elt and George had their vocal peak.

  3. Nice to see that he didn’t feel the need to plug his DVD or the new single like the rest of them!! Ace performance George.

    I’m hoping he tours again SOON!

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