About What David Furnish Said

David Furnish has responded to George’s recent comments about Elton that were published in The Guardian newspaper.  George had said that they only think George’s drug use is out of control because they never see him, largely because he refuses to be part of the London social clique that Elton, and David in particular, are a part of.

David’s response was that he and Elton were only going on what people close to George were telling them.  That is, it’s people close to George that are saying that they are worried about him, and in particular his drug use.

So… let’s examine this situation, and see where it takes us.

First, what is this “social clique” that George is talking about? Well, I’m pretty sure it’s a  “gay men and fag hags” group of minor celebrities that always hang out together.  People like: David Furnish, Cilla Black, Liz Hurley, Christopher Biggins, Paul O’Grady.  Can’t blame George for not wanting to spend his nights with that lot! Sounds like hell to me. Now, who in that social clique is in any way close to George?  There are only two, as far as I know: Kenny Goss and Geri Halliwell.  Kenny and Geri love being a part of that group.

So, if people in that clique are telling David Furnish that they’re worried about George, then Kenny and Geri could set the record straight rather easily. Strange, no? I suggest leaves us with two possibilities:

  • David Furnish is lying
  • It’s Geri and Kenny who are saying to people that they’re worried about George

Both are possible; not sure which is more likely. If it’s the latter, God only knows what they’re worried about. It could be nothing e.g. “We’re so worried. George never wants to come out with us, and party with Cilla and Biggins. It must be the drugs that make him not like Cilla.”

Or it could be something. Perhaps George’s drug use is a problem: the fact is, George has admitted he has had a problem with prescription medication; and he has fallen asleep at the wheel of his car on at least two occasions where he was caught. So, it’s not like he’s never had any problems with drug use – prescription or otherwise.

My bet, though, is that David Furnish is being economical with the truth.  Those guys love a good gossip.  I suspect that Kenny has witnessed this gossip, and said to George, “You know, George, to stop all this, all you have to do is come out and party with us a few times. Then people will be able to see you’re fine.”… but that George’s response is, “Sorry, but I really just don’t give a fuck what Cilla Black and Christopher Biggins think about me. They are dreadful.  I don’t even know why you want to hang out with them.”

10 thoughts on “About What David Furnish Said

  1. I am confident GM needs help. If he was “regular” guy he would propably end in jail or something else.
    He will soon be fifty, hardly a teenager anymore. But he is the ultimate talent. A genius!!!

  2. @ William: I’m not sure what “hardly a teenager” means. If you have a problem, does it matter what age you are? Or are you saying that by now George should be all sorted out? Kinda like: there’s a time limit on your screwed-up habits?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    BTW Rem – I thought I was going blind, and fast! Get rid of that awful snow effect please. For me.

  3. Errrr… if you can see the snow, then why would you think you were going blind? Also, it’s Christmas. As George said the other day – it doesn’t seem to snow around Christmas time like it used to. The snow effect is for George, to help him dream of Christmas. It will go away after Christmas… or this weekend if George fucks up his X-Factor performance.

  4. Actually, you’re allowed to be fucked up at any age. You’re certainly allowed play around at any age and regardless of your relationship status, take any amount of drugs you like regardless of anything or anyone and act like a rebellious teenager cause life didn’t turn out the way you would have wanted – but there’s one thing to be selfish and narcissistic when you’re twelve and another one to be ditto when you’re old enough to have a conscience and – frankly – should have the brains to know better.

  5. LOL @ Rem! So…expect the snow gone by Monday then….?!!😉

    I don’t know what to believe about this whole thing. I really believe George isn’t happy…I don’t care how many times he says that he is. Whatever he needs to do to make himself happy, he needs to do it fast, because whatever way you want to look at it…he’s running out of time!

  6. Usually, when people talk a lot about how great a life they have, how great their love-life is, how amazing their marriage is, how much sex they’re having, and can’t stop talking about it, they’re usually trying to convince someone. Usually themselves.

    As for George… well, who knows. Nobody can be helped that don’t wanna be helped. Whatever his state of mind is, it’ll continue until he wants to change it. If he does. Or if it needs a change. Who knows, maybe it’s actually working for him.

  7. Terri, you are so right, I’ve heard a lot of funny stories bout men 40 years old in middle life crisis and they talk too much bout it, when don’t have or not as much.Sex’s not for talking, but for having!
    I also have impression that George has bad sex life;))

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