What Song Should George and Joe Sing on X-Factor?

In true X-Factor style, it’s time for you – the public – to have your say.  What song do you think George Michael and Joe should sing together on the X-Factor Final this weekend?  Please vote in the poll, and add your comments and alternative suggestions in the comments…

And remember, if you don’t vote, then you can’t complain if your favourite song doesn’t get chosen by George.

7 thoughts on “What Song Should George and Joe Sing on X-Factor?

  1. You must be taking some “bitter pills” Remarkable…!!!

    I think it is going to be The Greatest X-Factor Final so far!!! I don’t understand your problem.
    All four of them are the top class performers, the most successful in music industry, loved by millions of people across the world!!! It is ‘not to be missed’!!!

    It will be a brilliant show, and just thanks to George, sir Paul, Michael B. and Robbie!!!
    I would love Joe to win. They should make a good performance with George🙂

  2. I voted for Praying For Time.. Joe sang that before at one of the selection stages (I think?)
    I’m looking forward to it!

  3. @ni Bitter?! LOL! Nah, I think this is all totally hilarious. Please, though, let’s not pretend that the finalists in this competition, with the possible exception of Joe, have any discernable musical talent. Even Joe has a slightly strange tone to his voice that makes him hard to listen to.

    X-Factor likes to try to brainwash the public into thinking they’re watching talented singers. To some extent it clearly works. For example, when Denise van Outen was a guest on Xtra Factor, and pointed out that Danyl couldn’t sing in tune, there was shock throughout the studio. You could tell that people didn’t believe her, and instead chose to believe Simon Cowell’s regular comments that Danyl “is the greatest male singer ever discovered on one of these shows”. Denise was quite right though – singing live, Danyl can barely hit a single note correctly. Aside from the general lack of singing ability, the production values on the show are horrible. Cheesy dancers abound on almost every performance. It’s just rubbish.

    As I say though – doesn’t mean I won’t watch. I enjoy X-Factor for its car-crash nature. Watching Stacey answer, “Oh. Fanks.” to every single bloody comment she’s asked to respond to never ceases to crack me up!

  4. @Caz, I don’t think Joe should attempt Praying For Time again. He totally fucked it up and got the words wrong when he sang it before. Car crash!

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