George Michael To Duet With Joe – Confirmed

Well, I was right.  George Michael has signed up to duet with Joe on the X-Factor Final.

Now, we all know that George “doesn’t give a shit” what anyone thinks about his drug taking. However, a source close to the X-Factor has been quoted as saying, “George jumped at the chance to go on the show. He is a huge fan and was dead chuffed with the Wham and George Michael week on the show.” If that’s true, the drugs have clearly destroyed George’s brain to the point that he is turning into a vegetable. Dead chuffed?  Fuck me sideways.  Wham!/George Michael week was the worst week of the entire series by a country mile.   It made George’s songs seem dull and pedestrian, and half of the songs that the contestants sang weren’t even George Michael songs because the judges are so fucking ignorant they don’t even know a cover version when they hear one.

Oh, and you know I said George would be ridiculed for going on X-Factor?  Well, it’s already started. Today’s Mirror newspaper says,

“We feel let down by the line-up (for the final)… are they really relevant to the music-buying public of today?… George’s career peaked back in the 1780s (not a typo)”

And the first comment approved by the newspaper says,

In the final we have a bloke from the 70s who likes to get caught in the loos… BORED.CO.UK…  give me SOMETHING BUT PLEASE DONT TRY AND TAKE ME FOR AN IDIOT AND GIVE ME THIS PILE OF C.R.A.P.

What George Michael and Andy Stephens have apparently completely failed to understand is that the millions of people that like the typical music coming out of X-Factor/Britains Got Talent type TV shows are either: very young (they don’t know any better, because this is all they’ve been fed); mentally retarded; or the dregs of society.  Think about it: how many people that would buy a Susan Boyle or a Joe record would buy a George Michael record?  Very few, I’d suggest.   X-Factor-music fans believe that acts like Susan Boyle and Stacey are more relevant to modern music than acts like George Michael.  They actually believe that.  Of course, there are millions of others that watch X-Factor to take the piss out the judges and the contestants, and watch drug-addled established artists like Robbie and Whitney completely fuck up their performances – but those people think the show’s a joke.

Anyway, the final lineup of stars is said to be: Robbie Williams (duetting with Olly); Michael Bublé (duetting with Stacey); and George (duetting with Joe). Paul McCartney will be on the show, singing alone (unless he leads a surprise group performance of Hey Jude – we can only hope).

Fucking hell. It’s going to be truly, truly appalling car crash freakshow TV.  Unmissable (expect massive ratings).  But absolutely fucking awful, and absolutely fucking nothing to do with music.  If George sells a significant number of records as a result of going on this show, I’ll be quite surprised.

What the hell is the point of selling a hundred million records, being able to sell millions of concert tickets around the world, and still going on light entertainment dross-shows like this that appeal largely to scum? Ugghhhhhhhh… What next, a cameo in the next series of Peppa Pig, to try to reach a younger demographic?

Will I be watching the show? Not live, unfortunately. But I’ll Sky+ it, and watch it as soon as I can.  My verdict will be up on the site as soon as I’m able to see the recording.  Probably late Sunday night.

18 thoughts on “George Michael To Duet With Joe – Confirmed

  1. You have to admit, they’re not stupid are they? Ratings, anyone? Robbie Williams, Michael Buble and George Michael…at least 20 million viewers I reckon. All the usual mob who would actually WATCH the X-Factor final anyway…and all the fans of the above mentioned!

    I might spend Saturday evening in the college library…suddenly, finishing my essay looks VERY appealing!😉

  2. I’m not sure, Caff. I suspect George Michael is their only “first choice” on the list. They left it right up to the wire to sign the acts for the final show, and having Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé back on for a second time in the space of a few weeks suggests to me that they couldn’t get the line-up they really wanted.

  3. Car crash TV. Fantastic. LOL

    Seriously though, this means that I will now have to watch this OUT OF CHOICE!!!

  4. LOL @ Moog!! We could start taking bets…will George be drugged out of his brain or not? Whitney: yes, Robbie: yes, George: ??? LOL!😉

  5. Most hilarious comment I’ve seen so far on hearing news of the star line-up on the X-Factor this year. On The Sun web-site… “What a let down – they had Westlife on last year”!!! LMAO!

  6. Hey, I wonder if George will do a duet with my neighbour’s cat if it goes on TV when George has something to promote…?

    Seriously though. I strongly suspect George will want to duet with Joe on “Don’t let the sun go down on me” to piss off Elton.

  7. LOL! @ piss off Elton. Yes. Although, I really hope he doesn’t do “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down”. It would be so fucking clichéd.

    Joe starts of singing the song, then… “Ladies and Gentlemen – Mr. GEORGE. MICHAEL!!!!”… the doors open… and on walks George wearing dark glasses.

    I’d love to be surprised by a classy performance of an interesting song. Joe has a powerful voice, and he can sing in tune. He could probably do any George song OK with the right rehearsal; and if George has any input, he could ensure it’s not a horrible cheese-ridden production.

    Maybe it would be a chance to do I Knew You Were Waiting with a new arrangement (without the twangy guitar) that George said he’d like to do…

    Or, if George forces them to do December Song, that would be hilarious.

    However, I suspect you’re right. It’s gonna be Don’t Let The Sun Go Down.

  8. Every other artist on the planet seems to think that singing on X-factor and the likes is a great way of showing how great an artist they are, so why shouldn’t he do it too, right? Now that he’s got shit to promote again and is on the way to release a new album – undoubtedly sometime in the next ten years or so.

    Mr I’m-Never-Releasing-Another-Album-Again.😉

    All I can say is that I’m glad I became a fan in the 90s when he was still quiet. lol. He had a big mouth on him once he got going, but didn’t feel the need to involve the world in *everything* and still had a sense of musical value. Maybe even some respect for himself. And his art.

    The “mystery” back then was a bit intriguing, I must admit. Nobody knew jackshit. Now, everyone knows everything. Or they know the version of events he wants everyone to know. “Hey, everyone, I’m a drug-obsessed, narcissistic whore – ain’t that cool?”

    I’m almost embarrassed to have to admit that I see what people mean when they say what they say about him… although a part of me still wants to stand up for him. Old habit. “No, no, he’s actually quite…”

    The original music, mainly the stuff done in the 80s and 90s, is fantastic. Patience, for me, was… a bit of a struggle at first. It was a bit, I dunno… don’t get me wrong, it was nice, and has a couple of highlights, but… I never listen to it.

    George was my teenage infatuation. I’m way into my 20s and, I guess, over it. It’s weird to watch him from a distance with another perspective.

    OK, rant over😉

  9. The problem with Patience, as I know you know – possibly better than anyone – was that it wasn’t really the record he wanted to make. For the first time in his career, he had to make an album “to formula” in order to get the record deal he wanted.

    In other words, he was told to lose the “Freeek” sound, and “write more ballads and radio-friendly pop music that the housewives will love”.

    I can’t help but wonder, when George said that the Twenty Five Live tour was about closing a chapter, that he meant that he was no longer going to write for housewives, and that he was going to write the music he wanted to write.

    It would be amazing if he really developed the direction he had been taking with Freeek. He might even become musically relevant again if he did that. It could play pretty well alongside currently popular stuff like Lady Gaga and the current Blackeyed Peas electro hop sound.

    Probably wishful thinking on my part though… Still interested to see what he chooses to do next. I just hope it’s not middle of the road…

  10. Freeek! is great! I love that. Song, video, all of it. He did say he didn’t wanna do like Madonna and do “the upbeat album” in his 40s – but then again, he’s said a lot of stuff that he’s later done, so…😉

    I’d love to hear him USE that voice of his properly again. The overall bullshit vocals, alongside the computer generated backing tracks, on Patience was what ultimately didn’t really do it for me. Through was an exception. I wouldn’t mind something a bit more… rocked up. To see him use his voice like he did on Somebody To Love. If he still can.

  11. It would be interesting to know what he’s recorded. Clearly, there’s a new album that’s potentially ready to go. However, it seems there’s isn’t a record deal in place. The deal with Island is supposedly a one-single deal… although I guess that Island did this deal with a view to getting the album.

    When George said in The Guardian that he wasn’t sure if he should release the new music, or hang on to it… what he might have meant is that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to release it as an album on his terms. That is, Island might not have heard it yet. Maybe he’s anticipating a repeat of the Patience scenario when they do hear it… as in, “That’s great George! We love it! We want to release the album! Except we think it needs a few more middle of the road songs for the housewives. Can you lose tracks 1 through 12, and write 12 middle of the road songs?”

  12. I get it now !!!!I hope that George does release it ….and things will turn out the way George wants🙂

  13. Reading between the lines of that damn Guardian interview…he’s going to be making music for all his little pink boys…and f*ck the rest of us!! But he couldn’t say that openly in the interview…’cause all us girlies hadn’t bought the DVD and single yet! I’m SO tempted not to buy the single on Monday…but…I’m weak….I know I will, to support him, ‘cos he’s such a great singer…the b*stard!! LOL!!😉

  14. Well, he can hardly go on the supposed Uber trendy Radio2 breakfast show because apparrently he is to old.. They wouldn’t play Amazing because of his age remember.. Ageist statements like that just warms your heart dosen’t it?

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