X-Factor Final and George Michael – It’s Worse Than I Thought

The title says it all really.  The whole “George Michael appearing on X-Factor” story is worse than I thought.  I should have known, given it happens every year… but the point is this: stars appearing on the X-Factor final won’t simply be singing alone as they do throughout the series.  Instead, they’ll be duetting with the contestants.

So, will George be one of the super-stars?  I don’t know, but I do know the final contracts were signed yesterday, so if he’s in, there’s no getting out of it now.  The current rumors are that the line up is:  Chris Martin, George Michael, Paul McCartney.   The X-Factor final will be spread across Saturday and Sunday, with each of the three finalists doing five performances.

The big question in my mind is: will there be enough time to properly rehearse the duets?  Rehearsals are really important if they’re going to be singing live, on a live show.  Or, will they take the easy way out, and just mime the duets to pre-recorded vocals?

7 thoughts on “X-Factor Final and George Michael – It’s Worse Than I Thought

  1. The latest rumour, according to the News Of The World, is that Robbie Williams is begging to go back on there this weekend, because he knows he f*cked up so badly last time…aparently. I wouldn’t know ‘cos I don’t watch it…and won’t be watching it this weekend either, regardless of whether GM is on it or not. I’d rather defrost the fridge.😉

  2. George, please…try to sing on Sunday …I am not working on that day ….please …thank you🙂

  3. I don’t watch the x factor. The thought of George singing with one of the contestants I won’t everwatch it because I will find it cringeworthy to watch.

  4. George duetting with people that murdered his songs? Remember what happened to the last person who did that? Put it this way: Never heard talks of Smokey Robinson again after they did Careless Whisper. Ever. lol.

  5. LOL! You know, if George is gonna go on X-Factor, picking the finalist who is least likely to fucking murder the song has got to be a priority. George might even refuse to duet with one of his own songs. So he might suggest doing something like “Flawless (Go To The City)”.

    Stacey would be a disaster. Olly really fucked up Fastlove. So, it probably leaves Joe as the number one choice of duet partner. The only thing to be careful of with a Joe duet would be that it doesn’t end up dripping with cheese…

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  7. Can’t believe I am actually reading this…. George on the X- Factor, the very thought makes me feel all frail and ill…Dosen’t matter how I look at it, I can’t understand why any self-respecting serious artist would want to go on a show which promotes people without talent- I mean, even though acts such as Jedward has been voted off,the fact that they stayed on the show for so long because they were “fun” or “novelty” really says it all.. I rest my case..

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