George Michael Google Searches Of The Week

Being one of the most high-profile George Michael related sites on the Internet, we here at Buzzin’ Towers are fortunate to be able to sample a wide variety of Google search terms that people use when looking for information about George.

There’re the usual suspects of course.  For example, George Michael home address Highgate”, which tell us that a few people are hoping to pop along to George’s house soon to get an autograph, or generally bug him about something!

That’s a regular search which happens all the time; but what have people been searching for this week?

Well, the most popular search this week was, “George Michael December Song”. In second place, some way behind, and perhaps a little surprisingly, was, “Kenny Goss”.

Those were the most popular. However, my award for best search of the week goes to the people that were searching for:

“George Michael cock”

Clearly, there’s still demand for his cock out there, which I’m sure George will be very happy about!  Interestingly, that search had precisely equal popularity to the search, “George Michael Andy Stephens”.  Make of that what you will…

3 thoughts on “George Michael Google Searches Of The Week

  1. Well, I can well believe the lady in question was hurt over this. No need to be admitted to hospital, though. It’s not like he said it to her face. He was perfectly nice to her in person.

    Mind you, if he’d said this about a friend of mine, and they’d been admitted to hospital because of it… I guess I’d take a more serious view of this.

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