George Gives More Candid Inteviews. Yawn.

In a series of shock interviews with British media (presumably to “promote” the December Song single, and the Live In London concert DVD) – including The Times, The Telegraph, The Big Issue, The Guardian ( have I missed any, or got any of those wrong?  Never mind, it’s not important) –  singer George Michael talks candidly sex, drugs and celebrities.  Oh yeah.  I’m not kidding.  Get ready…

George will probably say, “I like drugs… blah blah… I like sex… blah blah… Fuck off Bono Hewson… blah blah… Fuck of Elton John… blah blah… I really love crack… blah blah blah… I really love cottaging… blah blah… I like a bit of everything (whatever that means – Ed.)… blah blah…”

The most shocking revelation will come when George will refuse, in any of these interviews, to say when the last time was that he had any crack (either male of female), leading readers to wonder whether he’s gone off sex.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen so far, it all looks absolutely fascinating.  Whether it’s the interviewers who insist on going over the same old ground, time after time, or whether it’s George who likes to bang on about all this stuff, I really don’t know.   Whoever’s responsible, though, needs to get past this crap because it got really old a really long time ago.

I’ll tell ya this for nothing… If I’m not interested in reading the same old shit yet again, you can be pretty sure no-one is!  I mean – fuck – if this is the best that “Team Georgo” (a crack [too much crack for one day – Ed.] group of helpers, not makers, that includes Andy Stephens) can do in terms of print promotion then, in all honesty, I’ll have to take back what I said about the poor bastard taking a high-risk long shot on X-Factor. Better that, than this. Probably.

Please – someone change the fucking record already!

4 thoughts on “George Gives More Candid Inteviews. Yawn.

  1. Pretty much summed it up Rem.. I’ve just wasted £1.90 buying The Guardian.. I’ll buy the Big Issue on Monday not because I’m holding my breath that there might be something new and interesting about his music in the interview, it’s because I would have brought it anyway…

  2. So…just to be clear…you don’t like the interview then Rem?😉

    Do journalists get to ask their own questions when they go to interview a celebrity, or does the celeb’s PR department give the journo’s a list of questions they are allowed to ask? Because I’ve noticed this before, when most celeb’s are on the ‘publicity trail’ for their latest product, they say the same thing again and again in every print and TV interview they give. Not that we have much chance normally to test that theory with George…as the little sh*t never does any interviews! LOL!

    Anyhoo…sorry (in a way) that he is not doing the book…although I did think that was a forgone conclusion, on top of the concerts and the DVD etc. Did chuckle about only being able to go onto Hampstead Heath a few times a year ‘cos the weather’s never warm enough! Apart from that, a typical George Michael interview: Sex: check, drugs: check, dig at the press: check.

    Do I need to find a Big Issue seller on Monday, do you think? Or will it just be a paraphrase of the Guardian? 😉

  3. Well, I wouldn’t say I really disliked the interview. In fact, some parts were pretty entertaining. However, for me, the ratio of “new stuff” to “old stuff” was way too far in favor of “old stuff”.

    No idea if the Big Issue interview is any better. I won’t be buying it though. The guy who runs the Big Issue is a real asshole, and I can’t be bothered with his crap.

  4. I have to admit that I’m SO sick of his narcissistic waffle that I’d rather poke a fork in my eye than read another fucking one of these yawn-fests.

    As for what journalists are allowed/not allowed to ask… 9 out of 10 journalists will do their research on Wikipedia and write their questions from that. That’s why it’s all the same. In some cases, the journo will be told outside what they can’t ask, or get hints like “XX is very keen to talk about blah blah” – but when it all boils down to it, the journo can do whatever s/he likes. Worst case scenario the object doesn’t wanna answer the question, and they ask another one instead.

    I’m bored. No more George interviews for me. Next!

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