Still Just Sayin’

Well, as I said yesterday, not all the details from yesterday’s newspapers seemed to be entirely correct.  Now that both George and Kenny have officially issued statements or given quotes to the press, people have started to speculate on the reasons why the story appeared in the first place.  Was it to somehow “get at” George?  Or is there another explanation?

Here’s one possibility that I think people aren’t giving enough weight to… You see, it really wouldn’t be a complete surprise if George’s team had planted that story themselves to get a bit of publicity for the forthcoming DVD release.  What’s my evidence for this?  It’s two-fold…

Firstly, as I said in  the blog yesterday, not many people would describe Andy Stephens as being “loyal” to George.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the only person who would ever use that particular adjective about Andy is Andy himself, suggesting he might have been a co-author of the story.  Other people allegedly use descriptions of Andy like “very unpleasant to work with”, and  “out only for his own self-interest, at the expense of George’s interests”. So, when George got serious about conquering the world on his recent tour, George allegedly relegated Andy to the position of “Bag Carrier To The Star, With Special Responsibility For Opening The Mail & Firing UK-Based Staff”, and re-hired Michael Lippman and his US-based team to be his real management representation.

Secondly, the story in the papers mentioned the Live DVD / Blu-ray Disc release more than once, suggesting that letting the public know that George would be releasing a DVD in time for Christmas was the main purpose of the publishing story.  That, again, is consistent with the story originating from George’s own PR team.

So, there you have it… just my two cents…

9 thoughts on “Still Just Sayin’

  1. Do they really have to do this just to get a bit of publicity? Can’t they just drug/hog-tie/drag him with wild horses into a TV/radio studio for a couple of interviews…you know, a bit of old fashioned publicity? It’s not like the bloke releases stuff every 6 months! He could surely put up with it once every few years? 🙂

  2. Hi Remarkable,

    I think your version makes sense, but of course we don’t know the true. Besides if any story say they don’t live together, they don’t go out together for about a yeah is also true story, cause we basically know it, so how anyone can say it has no ground.

    Besides how many selebrities denies something at first, especially break up or new secret relationships??

  3. Sooo Remarkable could you please tell me what is going on about GM’s book? Is it going to be published soon? I can’t find information about it. And I suppose you would know.😉 I discovered your blog just today (sorry for that:)), and it’s brilliant!

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