Just sayin’…

Not sure all the details in the paper are entirely accurate. I mean, describing Andy Stephens as “loyal”?  Won”t you give me break, somebody give me a break…

Also, I really don’t think George plays video games 15 hours a day –  not now that the new season’s TV shows are back on the air.

Still, at least they managed to work a few mentions of his forthcoming Live in London DVD into the article, including getting the release date correct – Dec 7.

7 thoughts on “Just sayin’…

  1. Why is all this coming to the day-light just after George’s new DVD release has been announced???
    I believe that he is doing far better than some people think🙂
    I suggest, that those DONKEYS from the D.Mirror, and “so-called” George’s pals, book an appointment with the psychiatrist and CHECK THEIR OWN STATE OF MIND!!!
    If someone really worry and want to help, then they should stop spreading rubbish, and George will be fine!!!

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