To Those Telling George To Get A Driver

In recent days, I’ve noticed many so-called fans of George Michael telling him to “get a driver”.  Well, I hate to break it you – but George Michael already employs a driver.

Do you think George drives his cars to be washed and valeted himself?  Do you think George drives his dogs to Hampstead Heath himself?   Do you think cars fetch themselves when George is out somewhere and decides he wants to go for a drive, or to use a different car than the one he has with him?  No. That’s what drivers are for.

The point is this: you don’t buy Ferraris, or Aston Martins, or Jaguar/Mercedes/BMW convertibles if you don’t like driving cars yourself. So, George likes cars; he likes driving them; and even the best drivers have accidents sometimes…

20 thoughts on “To Those Telling George To Get A Driver

  1. Propably people wanted to say, that better always with driver, not somethimes….
    It was not the first time that George get himself in car crash, because of his own foolish faults, which seems not going to end…….

  2. Just because someone else is driving the car doesn’t mean there won’t be an accident. In fact, George has had at least one of his cars trashed by a driver (a Jaguar sports car) – George wasn’t in the car at the time.

  3. I thought it was well known that fans of George fall into one of two categories: “true”; or “so-called”. I judged that these people were not “true fans”, and thus by default must be “so-called fans”.

    You may say – it’s for George to make that determination, not me. However, George doesn’t look at his fans in this way. He looks at them as: “fans that have sent him naked/semi-naked pics of themselves”; or “the relatively sane ones”.

  4. I have never sent George a naked or semi naked picture of myself(you’d know if I had…George would be seen vomiting uncontrollably into the gutter somewhere…), does that make me a ‘real’ fan, a ‘true’ fan, a ‘so-called’ fan…I lose track you know! LOL! 🙂

    But…I STILL THINK HE SHOULD GET A CHAUFFEUR! All the expensive toys in the world are no good if he wraps them under the axles of articulated lorries, shunts them into the back of other cars because he misuses the handbrake or uses them as very expensive beds! LOL! And…all they’ll do is look pretty on his drive if he loses his licence permanently!! 🙂

  5. Caff, that possibly makes you a “relatively sane”, “so-called” fan🙂

    But… HE ALREADY HAS A CHAUFFEUR! LOL! And the expensive toys are absolutely no fun at all if you don’t play with them yourself.

    Did you not read the blog?😉

    BTW – concern for George vomiting uncontrollably has not stopped some of his fans sending him naked/semi-naked pics over the years. I don’t think they realize how long the mental scars have stayed with him. It’s decades in one case I’m aware of. I can’t help but wonder if the woman involved even knows that George remembers her pic from 20+ years ago when she goes to visit him today, and that he knows it’s the same person.

  6. Hmm.. I could probably drum up a short list of who said woman could be.

    As for the chauffeur, I guess Alex had the night off.

  7. Why is she sending him her naked pictures ??? I don’t like the thought, either , poor George !!

  8. To Remarkable

    I understand you point, but some people, very careful drivers never have accidents…never believe it or not…

  9. Lisa – yes, some people never have accidents. That’s about luck as well as about driving ability though. The truth is – sometimes accidents are unavoidable.

  10. Yes about luck too, but if someone drive for 30-40 years with absolutely no trouble it is not poor luck, this is almost a talent…..George need to take this kind of man for a driver…..I don’t mean just hire driver….if one of his “drivers” crashed his Jaguar, it is even funny….it wasn’t driver at all…….

    You know this is also depends about some accidents are unavoidable…..if you have a habit to drive always on a very high speed, than yes….

  11. Lisa- I’ve been driving for 25 years, and have been in 5 car wrecks. None were my fault, and I do not speed.


    ps. I am so thrilled to know that George actually remembers me after all this time!!!!

  12. To Julie

    5??? That is too much for anyone…..
    And all 5 and and not your fault??
    I don’t believe that, sorry, that is my point of view…women ARE bad drivers anyway…:)

  13. Hahaha…I wouldn’t have brought it up if any had been my fault. Two were woman, and the other 3 were men. I’m a very good driver. I’ve had one speeding ticket in my life, and no other points on my license. If any of those wrecks had been my fault, I’d have been charged, and not the other people. Also, all the insurance claims went through their insurances. I’ve never had to file my own claim.

  14. First of all, people should be allowed to suggest that George is a crap driver, because this has been his reputation since he got his bleedin’ license. No smoke without fire, here. So he’s got a Ferrari. Hardly makes him a better driver just cause he has good taste in cars, according to some.

    And what’s this bullshit about “true fans” and “so-called fans”? You’re a “true fan” if you spend all your time preaching (online) that the sun shines out of His Highness’s arse, but if you’ve got a mind of your own and an opinion to boot, you’re a “so-called fan”? How old are we here? Five?

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