Photos Of George’s Crashed Car

George Michael's Range Rover After Crash

Photos of George Michael’s crashed Range Rover have now emerged. The photo above shows the near-side of the car i.e. the passenger side.  The photo below shows the near side i.e. driver’s side.

Geprge Michael's Range Rover After Crash

Looking at the photos, two things are clear: first, that the reports in the press, including quotes by the driver of the lorry involved in the accident are inaccurate; second, the reason why George escaped without serious injury is that the passenger compartment was essentially undamaged in the accident.

From the photos, it’s obvious that this wasn’t  a “rear end shunt”, as described in the press.  Nor was the left side of the car destroyed, as reported by the press. Rather, the car and the truck were in collision from the side, causing damage to the front near side of the Range Rover. It appears the passenger compartment of the car was largely undamaged in the accident, with the driver’s side of the car being almost totally unaffected.   It could have been caused by the truck moving on the road to hit the Range Rover, or the Range Rover moving on the road to hit the truck.

7 thoughts on “Photos Of George’s Crashed Car

  1. It’s not like this is the first time, is it? He crashed Kenny’s little sports car a few years ago, and it probably looked something like that. Whatever happened this time, his record shows that he’s in fact not really that much in control on the road.

  2. Just looked at the pics of Ronaldo’s car…looks a mess doesn’t it? I know car crashes often look ‘worse’ than they actually are, i.e the car looks a wreck, but the people in them manage to walk away uninjured. Those ‘crumple zone’ thingies must do their jobs quite well. I’m still glad George was driving the RR though…and that he must have been wearing a seat belt…and that there were no passengers with him.

    Just glad he’s still with us…it could have been so much worse!🙂

  3. With a crash like that, there would be certainly be minor injuries e.g cuts, scratches, bruises etc.

    Probably the worst injury George could have sustained in this accident is whiplash, which might well be a particular concern for him given his medical history.

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