George’s Anger At Invisible Friend

In the wake of George Michael’s recent car accident, the tabloid press are searching for eye witnesses to provide them with quotes.  This is interesting because George said that his view is that the lorry driver caused the accident.  However,  the lorry involved was part of a convoy of trucks: so the question is – how many of the eye witnesses quoted didn’t belong to that convoy?  The witnesses aren’t credible if they have the same employer.

Aside from the potential lack of credibility, though, some of the quotes the papers have got don’t make any sense.  Take this example, from today’s Sunday Mirror…

Sean Strong, from Scunthorpe, Lincs, said: “He was all over the road – he was driving like crazy. He swerved past my artic so closely that he just missed me. He was shouting and screaming at the passenger seat. I just knew the guy was not safe and that he was going to crash, which he did a mile or two later. I am surprised he walked away from it. He was going at some speed”

George was shouting and screaming at the passenger seat?!  Why?  Was he angry with his invisible friend?  Or does he just not like the seats in his Range Rover – Fuck you, seat! Fuck your perforated leather!  Fuck your piping!  Fuck off seven way motorized adjustment! You aren’t a seat – you’re a fucking CUNT! No you’re worse than that, you’re an ANDROS! ?

I dunno. It just doesn’t sound right to me.  I’d be interested to see quotes from from independent eye witnesses who: aren’t truck drivers all from the same employer; don’t know each other; and haven’t been paid for their stories.

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