PR Suggestion

How should George Michael deal with this latest driving accident?  Easy.

He must go on the next series of the BBC’s Top Gear and be the “Star In A Reasonably Priced Car“.   He can do a light-hearted interview with Jeremy Clarkson and talk about cool cars he’s owned like his Aston Martins and now his Ferrari California; cars he’s totaled like his BMW Z4 and his Range Rover; and cars he’s had stolen – like his Aston, his S-Class Mercedes. So – lots of car stuff to cover. Then, Clarkson can make some of his trademarked jokes about prostitute-murdering lorry drivers, and George can agree and say he was only trying to do a public service by trying to take out a whole convoy of trucks.  Then, we can see George’s lap in the cheap car – he can tell Clarkson that he’s doesn’t care about the lap time except that he wants to beat Geri Halliwell’s time.    Then they can show some joke “out-takes” on laps where George falls asleep at the wheel.

Job done.

3 thoughts on “PR Suggestion

  1. Even racing car drivers who have road bans can drive on circuits because they’re usually on private land. Unless they decide to drive the Reasonably Priced Car around the Monaco Grand Prix lap.

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