Rushin’ Buzzin’ Flushin’

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog has a fine tradition of not only reporting the news, but also making and influencing it.  For example, who could forget the Dallas press reporting the news that George Michael and Kenny Goss had given all their money, homes, art collection and all other possessions to Remarkable?

However, having been away so long, even we were surprised by the speed at which the Buzzin’ Blog would begin to set the news agenda once again.  The minute we posted our “Welcome Back” blog,  George realized that his hand had been forced.   He rushed his team to put “Operation Cover Up” into practice a little earlier than planned.

The plan was, and is, brilliant in its simplicity: a hired Kenny Goss impersonator, complete with fake gold ring, would be seen out and about on the town…. at London’s top Italian restaurants… hanging out with a leading British artist (actually a lookalike – a bag lady they dragged off the street) at the theatre.  Essentially, the lookalike was to spend time anywhere the paparazzi would be taking a few snaps.  The plan worked out great – photos of “Kenny” have made it into the papers and have been widely reproduced.

As far as the world is concerned, then, Kenny Goss is alive and well.  The truth though, is that in a couple of days, he will have completely passed through George digestive system and been flushed away to who knows where, and the evidence will be gone…

2 thoughts on “Rushin’ Buzzin’ Flushin’

  1. It’s about time he did away with him. Hopefully Yog will clear out all that so-called “Art” Kenny-boy convinced him to buy, and get back to business. Whaddayathink Rem??

  2. I think kenny and George are separated.
    Both are seen with other guys, that’s no good sign!

    George has certain a new lover and kenny leave the house!

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