Catching Up With All The George Goss

OK!  Is it too late to try again? Here I aaaammmmmmmmmmmmm!

Yes, I’m back!  Spread the word! I had a great time on safari, in-case-you-were-wondering-thanks-for-asking!

Now, I’m a bit busy, so no time for an in-depth post… but I guess we need to catch up on all the George news that’s happened since I’ve been away… and then I have an exclusive, and rather important, piece of news for you…

  • George went on holiday for a few weeks with some pals
  • On his return, he celebrated getting his driving license back by buying a nice new Ferrari California.   It’s a good choice IMHO – the folding hard top is fabulous.  Some say too much body roll for a Ferrari (difficult to get a good handle on that though – George, would you care to comment?); and that the GPS navigation system they put in is a bit cheap for a Ferrari (but hell, at least it has a graphical sat nav – that’s more than can be said for the rest of the range).
  • I think this might be the first time George has bought a Ferrari, by the way – so well done George!
  • George has decided to go back to a goatee.  Easier to look after (no dye required),  makes a change etc.
  • The 25 Live “Final Two” DVD release has been put back to Christmas (hopefully).

All this you probably already knew… but what you didn’t know is this…

  • George has eaten Kenny
  • He has buried Kenny’s remains under the patio at the back of his house

How do I know this?  Well OK, I don’t know… but look at the facts:  George has put on a lot of weight in the space of a few days (that’s what happens if you eat a whole person in one go);  Kenny is nowhere to be seen; there’s a big bag of building waste materials left outside his house from some minor patio alterations (done at short notice, so he couldn’t arrange for the waste materials to be collected); and during his visit to South Africa, George made a mysterious trip by himself to meet with the chief of a lost tribe of cannibals in the mountains just beyond the place known as Thabu Bosiu.  So, taken together, I’d say the evidence is pretty compelling…

10 thoughts on “Catching Up With All The George Goss

  1. Just to say welcome back. I rarely post here but I like to read your blog. I’ve been coming here during the last few months and I was starting to wonder if you had been eaten by an african cannibal tribe! Thank God you haven’t.

  2. George has eaten Kenny;))))))))))))))))))))
    He has buried Kenny’s remains under the patio at the back of his house;))))))))))))))

    I am crying;))))))))))))))

    George has dogs, he had to give Kenny’s remains to them, not??

    Welcome back!

  3. I’ve seen Kenny! Parts of him blinked through George’s teeth on a paparazzi photo recently posted on tabloid.😉

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