Best George Michael Joke Of All Time

To celebrate the beginning of March, one of the most important months of 2009, here it is – probably the best George Michael joke of all time…

“During his dispute with Sony, George Michael did absolutely nothing for four years…  He got the idea from Andrew Ridgeley’s contribution to Wham!”

Sorry, Andrew – it’s a joke!!

2 thoughts on “Best George Michael Joke Of All Time

  1. He still doesn’t do anything for years and years and more years. If he wants to be the biggest loser in the music industry, then that’s his choice. He is stoned all day long and thinks four albums is more than enough to do.

  2. Sukey – did you miss the part about it being a joke?!

    Let’s see now… has George achieved more in his life than you have? Has he achieved more in the last three years than you have? My guess is the answer is yes to both questions. So, maybe it might be an idea for you to worry more about what you do, year after year after year… and less about what George does?

    Not being mean. I’m just sayin’…

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