GM Questions Of The Week…

George and Andrew


There are a number of questions that people are asking this week…

  • In the above pic, is George under the influence, asleep, or did the camera just catch him mid-blink?
  • Is it time for George to return to a “Careless Whisper” hairstyle, updated for 2009, naturally?

Yes, I know these may seem trivial questions, but it’s better than discussing whether or not George enjoyed his dinner with Geri and her boyfriend.

Of course, if George turns up on EastEnders, that will be worth discussing.    From what I hear, Heather will be going through “George’s” rubbish, looking for stuff he’s thrown away. It’s a great idea because, now he’s back from the tour, George is discarding huge volumes of garbage every week.

The question is: will they actually manage to find George’s house (and his garbage can)? Or did someone PM Heather the wrong address on GMF / Planet George sending her, and her friend Shirley, to the wrong house?

33 thoughts on “GM Questions Of The Week…

  1. I’m happy to be the one to clarify this for your readers and yourself, Remarkable: George decided that having his eyes shut for the camera, at that particular moment, was *the* cool thing to do. After all, he, like millions, is a keen Come Dine fan… I’m just surprised that he’s not holding up the score at the same time.

    As for the hairstyle, bring it on! LMAO LMAO LMAO!

  2. Let me see who posted before me…. ok, I can post then , LOL!!
    Just wanted to say….Doesn’t he look gorgeous there ??
    I mean it, he can have his eyes shut in the picture. I find him very attractive there ! !!!

  3. Actually I like when people work or even doing overtime. If it is the hairdryer which is working overtime, why not return to the old blonde long ones?😉

    On the picture I think the flash lights irritated him, it seems.

  4. He’s a little drunk. A little happy. And the camera caught him at the wrong time. Plus, he’s fantasizing about what a huge hit CARELESS WHISPER is going to be.

  5. @Remarkable

    Oh, com’ on, now you are being so politically correct all of a sudden? You needn’t have deleted those posts. That is not helpful. Whereas understanding where the other person is coming from emotionally is.

  6. @Remarkable

    You take care about this fucking website but just remember:
    “If you take care about other things you cannot take care about yourself”

    Gimme a fucking reason, why did you delete my comments???

  7. @Remarkable

    You take care about this fucking website but just remember:
    “If you take care about other things you cannot take care about yourself”

    Gimme a fucking reason, why did you delete my comments???
    I`m waiting that fucking reason…

  8. A.M.Y – you could do with learning some manners. And please stop being rude to George. He really cares deeply about your opinions, so it’s very hurtful for him.


    Not being politically correct. I’m all for idiots like A.M.Y hanging themselves, so am more than willing to provide the rope.

    Comments were deleted because they were off-topic. This is a very important thread discussing George’s hair, beard, and his (lack of) role on EastEnders. They could have at least have got his number plate right. Honestly.

    Anyway, I believe you might know where the Off-Topic Conversation thread is😉 Maybe you can show the delightful A.M.Y?

  9. A.M.Y. What the FUCK are you on about, you FUCKING pathetic moron? Why don’t you go FUCK OFF somewhere else?

    Whatever the FUCK is wrong with some people… *rollingeyes*

    Apologies to Remarkable and all the polite posters on this blog. A.M.Y.’s intellect (yes, go look up this big word, now) wouldn’t allow her/him to understand any other type of language.

  10. Lol Caff. Why not? Do you think that he was put off by the identity of his onscreen fan? You know how fussy George can be…😉

  11. @Remarkable

    I ‘ve told you before: some of the most interesting insights in discussions & scientific inquiry often come once things go a little “off-topic”.

    I don’t understand why you refuse to acknowledge this.

  12. @Remarkable

    Now I have a GM question of the week, meaning it occurred to me this week… May I post it here since the title of this entry is “GM Questions Of The Week”? Or do I have to go to the Off-Topic place?

  13. @Remarkable

    Ok, thanx, I`m not angry, now just I want to know something, if you cannot accept abusive comments, if you scroll up you`ll see that Miss Freeek has posted a comment, there he\she talk some shit about me. You should delete that comment too.
    Write me back, I`m waiting your answer.

  14. Remarkable Says: “I’m all for idiots like A.M.Y hanging themselves, so am more than willing to provide the rope.”

    You were right all along. Sorry.

  15. @Calliope Iris

    Don`t worry, honey, they cannot delete this post cause I told them some things, important things or they can delete them but then this site will be blocked, they better know this.

    When I`m serious I`m serious, I`m not writing with different names and stop get me angry cuz you don`t know me.

  16. @A.M.Y

    You will block this site? Oh really, and who are you to do that? I ‘m sorry but you come across as seriously deranged.

    Anyway, there’s help on the way. In the meantime, I ‘m off.

  17. In case anyone here remains confused even though I made it rather obvious, Scarlett is me. I just used a different username because I realized it was the only way to beat some people at their own game.


    Thank you. I don’t know how you know but if it’s true, it makes more sense than him being gay. At least, to me it does.

  18. Derek_Advocate just wonders if she can find all music of Wham on CD, MP3 or DVD… already hate searching with no result. They get only albums sometimes including different songs of Wham and in half of the shops they dont even know what’s Wham at all! Just want to know if it’s possible to get or order it in case there’s no any in my country.

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