December Song – Lyrics and Review

OK – now, it’s officially Christmas time.  December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas), the new song by George Michael, was premiered on radio this morning.  George took the extra few days between the original date for the first play, and today, to do some more work on the record.   I think it was time well spent – this new track  destined to become a favourite of many George Michael fans.  Beware though – it’s one of those records that repays multiple listens, so you really shouldn’t judge it on the first few hearings.

December Song begins with a short clip from the introduction of a Frank Sinatra recording – The Christmas Waltz (the 1957 version, from Sinatra’s album, A Jolly Christmas).  Sinatra’s introduction segways beautifully into George’s own music where minor chords abound, reflecting the poignant sentiment behind the song – I think he’s singing this song to his late mother. I’ve written the lyrics below – you can take your own meaning from the words.  Finally, the song ends as it begun, with the clip from The Christmas Waltz. This time, though, George sings along with Sinatra’s singers, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and for everyone’s New Year dreams to come true…

Here’s my first pass at the lyrics – there’s a few mistakes in there, which I’ll correct in time…

December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)

written by George Michael & David Austin

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
May your every New Year dream come true

Sweet December song
The melody that saved me
On those less than silent nights
When snow would fall upon my bed
Like sugar from Jesus
And take me to the day
She could always smile
The Virgin Child would always show, you see
Just to save me
(Just to save me)

There was always Christmas time
To wipe the year away
I guess that Mum and Dad decided
That the war would have to wait

There was always Christmas time
Jesus came to stay
I could believe in peace on Earth
And I could watch TV all day
So I dreamed of Christmas

Maybe since you’ve gone
I went a little crazy
God knows they can see (the child)
But the snow that falls upon my bed
That loving I needed
Falls every single day
For each and every child
The Virgin smiles for all to see
But you kept her from me

There was always Christmas time
To wipe the year away
I guess that Mum and Dad decided
That the war would have to wait

There was always Christmas time
Jesus came to stay
I could believe in peace on Earth
And I could watch TV all day
And so I dreamed of Christmas
Yes, I dreamed like you

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
May your every New Year dream come true

27 thoughts on “December Song – Lyrics and Review

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  3. Yes, after reading the lyrics I completely agree with you that the song was written with his dear mum in mind. Oh my gosh what a sadness to the lyrics! Harks back to that song he did with Toby Bourke, “Waltz Away Dreaming”. Just makes me want to hug him and say everything will be alright!! And it will be – as he says, snow falls like sugar from Jesus from Her up in Heaven (his mum, the Virgin Mary – it’s all beautifully mixed up). Oh what a gem of a song indeed!!

  4. Beautiful and elegant as always…

    Has anyone worked out at least the beginning piano chords yet? I’m trying and I am getting close, but I think I might just take a hostage if I don’t get them soon🙂

    All the best,
    Brian in Texas

  5. He is Sinatra of our generation. What a talent! I wish he was recognized just like how Frank was! To me even a better singer and song writer. Love you George. Happy Christmas to you as well.

  6. It’s a sweet song… with a lovely healing vibe to it… but there are little thorns in it… like in most of George’s songs…

    I think that lyric where it says, “The Virgin smiles for all to see
    But you kept her from me”, I hear “but she kept her from me” or even “keeps her” … like the Virgin keeps him mum from him… though I could be wrong…

    That other lyric about going a little crazy… Again, quite ambiguous… though it doesn’t feel like he refers to him mum(even though I do feel that he went a little insane after she passed on)… reason being that the song feels like he’s recounting to someone what his Christmases used to be like as a kid… and how he realizes now that the Divine Love is accessible to everyone all the time and not just during the festive season…

    I don’t know when that song was written… nor if he changed the lyrics in any significant way when he chose to delay the release. What I do know is that I would love for him to release a perfectly happy song someday- and without ambiguity.

    Merry Christmas to all who are browsing this place! And to those who don’t!

    As for the New Year, peace & joy for everyone.

  7. @Remarkable

    I can see you ‘ve deleted quite a few posts again. Did something happen or did you just feel it was very off-topic etc? I ‘m OK with it but did you at least explain to Britney22 the reason why?

    By the way, do you prefer that there’s no off-topic conversation on your blog whatsoever except on the Off-Topic thread?

  8. @Remarkable
    Now, the problem is that I can`t write a post thousand times. Better don`t delete my posts without a reason!
    If you got a reason, you have to tell me…
    How the hell can I know what`s wrong with my posts?

    OK, you guys gonna make me sick!!!

  9. @Calliope Iris
    What was we talking yesterday `cause I really don`t remember, my posts are deleted so…

  10. @Calliope,

    It was a finely balanced decision to remove the posts. If there’s a lot of off-topic discussion on a thread – especially if there’s lots of repetition – then posts will sometimes (not always) get deleted. That’s not to say there isn’t room for off-topic comments elsewhere on the blog. There is. As I say, it’s a balance. Where posts do get removed, though, I try to leave them up for a while so the people they’re intended for can see them at least.

    Of course, because I know people like to chat sometimes, I’ve provided the “off-topic conversation” thread. That’s purpose built for people to say whatever’s on their mind; and comments aren’t deleted there.

    If anyone wants George himself to read a comment – posting on one of the current posts, or on the “Messages for George” thread is probably the best bet.

    Hope that helps…

  11. Remarkable, please, please…what is George gonna do in 2009?? Do you know his music plans ??

  12. @Pippi
    Hi, Pippi I`m britney22, I just wanna thank you for the words that you said.

  13. @Jesus

    “Maybe since you ‘ve gone
    I went a little crazy’

    I don’t like that one bit. It’s a kind of admission but not quite. I don’t like men who mince their words and I feel dismay that George has resorted to that. If there are things he’s done he feels bad about, he needs to come clean properly. And quite honestly, why write a song about it and not admit in some other way that shows that he really means it? Even if it is meant for his mum, he could really connect with her in a private way and tell her. Naturally, the best way to prove to someone you feel bad about something is through action, esp through changing for good the behavior that makes one feel bad.

  14. @Jesus

    Also, to say “I went a little crazy”, doesn’t that imply that George does not take his actions seriously, even if they ‘re hurtful to another and is quick to justify himself no matter what?

  15. @Jesus

    Quite seriously, I ‘m quite upset that you seem to be blocking my intuition about certain aspects of this. I know that you ‘re doing that so that I forgive George irrespectively of whether certain things are true, half-true or not true at all- unconditional loving etc… Well, if you want someone to be so unconditional towards him, why don’t you do the honors? Infact, how come you haven’t saved him all these years given that he often brings you up in his songs and considers you the ultimate Savior?

    Yeah, why haven’t you?

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  17. This is a very emotional song, and so sad considering he lost his mum so young. This time is sad for me, as I lost my father during the holiday period, and it was snowing.
    I think it is beautiful, haunting and thought provoking, should have been Christmas number one.

  18. I am attempting to read the intact article but can only get middle. At the median point, everything seems to get interrupt. You should have a look at your stylesheet and make sure everythings unscathed.🙂

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