Eli Stone Canceled

No nice way to say this.  The TV show Eli Stone has been canceled.  It’s a shame.  I thought the second season was going pretty well…  Ho hum…

4 thoughts on “Eli Stone Canceled

  1. This is such bad news!😦 I was really looking forward to seeing how he got his act together with the glammed-up Maggie… And Taylor with the secret bun in the oven… Oh, and Patty’s daughter on coke… Plus the emancipation of the MS 16 year old… I mean, after all his nasty father was on the Mentalist a few weeks ago, and he definitely deserved to be shot by his wife… Would he have met a grim end in Eli too?

    So sad that they’re taking all this away from me – too soon.

  2. This is soo sad. I have to say that i’m so dissapointed with abc. The content and ethics of the Eli Stone show was so refreshing. At the end of every episode I always wanted to cry and quite welcomed it. It was soo good that i would stay past the end to listen to the theme song that plays at the end of the credits. It gave me such a keep hope alive feeling, kinda like our new administration. Shame on you abc!!

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