Next Christmas Starts Tomorrow

It’s not even December yet, but Christmas officially starts tomorrow.  Why?  Because, the all-new Christmas song by one George Michael gets its first play on radio tomorrow (that’s Friday) morning.  Start listening to BBC Radio 2 at 9.30am, and it will be played sometime before 12pm.

Enjoy!   I hope it has sleigh bells!

Update:  Delivery of New Record Delayed

After a frantic round of discussions last night between George Michael, his team, and the Official Buzzin’ Blog team, the decision has been taken to delay the first play of George’s new Christmas record for a few days.   The central argument, made by Team Buzzin’, was this: just because the supermarkets are already full of mince pies, Christmas cake, and Stollen, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to start getting “all Christmassy” in the middle of November.   The George Michael camp, persuaded by Team Buzzin’s arguments, decided last night to cancel delivery of the new CD to BBC Radio 2.  The radio station was informed this morning.

11 thoughts on “Next Christmas Starts Tomorrow

  1. Please, please , remarkable…would you be so kind to let me know when the new song is gonna be played on the radio?

  2. I don’t know when the record will be played Pippi. If it was up to me, I’d have the first play on Mon Dec 1. I have no idea why anyone thought it made sense to play a new Christmas song before we’re into December.

  3. Thank you ,remarkable🙂 or he could play it on the 3rd of December …. that would be perfect!!! LOL LOL

  4. Remarkable, do you know the title of the song, please?
    I’ve heard a title, but i’m not too sure about it , December something…what do you think ? Is it correct?
    thank you .

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