George Lets Himself Go-Go After Tour

It’s a sad, sad day here at Buzzin’ Towers. In our ceaseless quest to bring you all the hottest information on superstar singer, George Michael, sometimes we must report news which isn’t so great.  This is one such occasion.  As regular readers will know, during the last year or two, George has been in the best shape he’s seen for years.  By the time of the Final Two shows in London, George was almost back to the kind of fitness level he was at around the time of Faith.

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog’s official photographer called round to see George this afternoon at his home. “Just get a quick snap of him, so people can see how he is,” Remarkable had said to the snapper earlier that morning in our Tuesday “GM Planning Briefing”.   A few hours later, the following photo landed on my desk, attached to a Post-it note with a message saying, “Seriously. You can’t use this. Something’s really wrong with him.”

I had to admit – George wasn’t looking himself in the photo.   In a few short weeks, he’s gone from “HOT”, to well errrr… “NOT”. He’s looking out of shape; and he’s dressing even more scruffily than he does when attending a dear friend’s wedding or going out to dinner in a fancy restaurant.

I was genuinely in two minds.  Should I publish this new, exclusive George photo, and reveal the truth to the fans?  Or should I keep the photo away from George’s fans, who might want to remember him at his best?  I looked down at my WWGD wrist band  (that’s What Would Geri Do?, in case you’re wondering), and I knew I had to publish.   It is my sincere hope that by publishing this photo, George will be shocked into seeing what he really looks like… remember that his fans love him, no matter what… and to please, please sort himself out…

So, without further ado… with regret… here it is. Mr George Michael…

George Michael, today, not looking his best

George Michael, today - "What? If you've got something to say, say it. My hair straighteners are broken, that's all. I'm fine. I'd like to see what you look like at two o'clock in the afternoon. Yes, yes. I know I can see you standing right in front of me. I was just... Oh, never mind. Just forget it."

It’s not all bad news, though. It’s good to see George going back to his Wham!-era ear rings, and trying out the clean-shaven look again!  That is wicked-cool, doyouknowwhatImean?

4 thoughts on “George Lets Himself Go-Go After Tour

  1. Awe! Isn’t that sweet! That anchor tattoo is like an arrow pointing down and underneath it says “Kenny’s”! 🙂

  2. you’re kidding! It cant be him! Where is the mascunline shape of shoulders? Or the world goes mad or….

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