The New King Of Bling

Superstar singer, and newly-crowned King of Bling, George Michael, is debating the purchase of a 24 carat gold penis with diamond encrusted scrotum.    The choice is between life-size models of his own genitals, and those of his Dallasite partner, Kenny Goss.   The sculpture company offering this amazing service is part-owned by the well known Dragon’s Den Stars, Theo “Golden Cock” Paphitus and Deborah “Diamond Balls” Meaden.

George Michael said last night,

“To be perfectly honest, I’m in a bit of a dilemma about this.  I’m really keen on getting a life-size gold and diamond-encrusted model of my genitals.  They deserve to be made permanent.  But the price I’ve been offered is a bit expensive. I mean – one million pounds! DoyouknowwhatImean?!   They’ve told me that, because they’re so much smaller, I could get a model of Kenny’s done for fifty quid.   So I’m thinking I might just go for those. I mean, I quite like them – they’re just like Michael Bublé’s, except smaller.”

News Source: [Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog]

6 thoughts on “The New King Of Bling

  1. This reminds me of the 60s group of female artists known as “The Plastercasters” who made plaster casts of various rock star’s genitals. Supposedly, Jimi Hendrix’s was by and far the largest penis around.

  2. link for some idles and slothfuls here

    George’s speech was vain and completely useless. Sorry George. Do not bother anymore.

    go to sleep people !

    and live your life free from trifles, such venal and lamentable downer low-aims and all visceral stuff from here-and in all our lives.

    victims of mass consumption society, wake up ! (and yes, before we go go …)

    we laid so low for so long …
    , as we cannot see the measurement of TRUTH anymore, and a real thing in its self .

    Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    (from a truly christian orthodox originar way to live a life. In wich George is baptized! Please George, respect your origin roots. And look sincerely inside of you! You are an honest man!)

    thank you

  3. @Remarkable

    Com’ on, that was totally tacky…

    @empty charms

    Jesus… I don’t know about him either these days… I don’t feel particularly drawn to him anymore… His teachings as presented in the Gospels… some of them sound weird and I wonder if he truly uttered those words… and some other things I ‘ve put to the test and they didn’t work…

    Regarding gay marriage… I think most gay people are on a difficult path in spiritual/emotional terms… a lot of of them look at marriage as a way to feel integrated and vindicated mostly… and not so much as a declaration of love…

  4. Oh, wait, before I go: Of course some of J’s teachings “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” are great truths… but they ‘re also very basic rules and you don’t need J in your life to acknowledge or follow them…

  5. @J

    Oh, yeah, I ‘m disappointed… is it any wonder…?

    By the way, did you just get RVV to contact me in the last 5 minutes…? {just saw the email…} Oh, no, I ‘m not coming back just like that! And I ‘m not reading that book!

    You know when you lost me? It was right after my trip to New York… Oh, nevermind now…

    I need action… not empty words…

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