George Michael’s Real Sexuality

Much has been written about the sexuality of singer George Michael.  Is he really gay?  Is he secretly straight?  Or is he, in fact, bisexual?   George has often told us his thoughts on the subject; but until now, none of you have ever had an official say in the matter.  That’s about to change.  You can now vote in this offical Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog poll, and play your part in defining George’s sexuality once and for all..

27 thoughts on “George Michael’s Real Sexuality

  1. I wish to god he would have a relapse and go back to being bisexual. And aren’t we all really bisexual when it comes right down to it? So, yeah, I’m saying that he is bisexual, Kenny or no Kenny. Anyway, he’s fucked enough women in his day to qualify as an honorary bisexual. These polls are retroactive, aren’t they?

  2. There are very few true bisexuals. It is a very very low percentage.

    Generally,most male bisexuals are in fact gay and most female bisexuals are actually straight.

  3. Well, AA, according to the official public vote, George Michael must one of those rare things – a true bisexual. As you know, the public vote is never wrong. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have elections for governments or voting on American Idol.

    I think we now can expect George to come clean and admit the truth about his sexuality.

  4. Did 7 people actually vote that he’s straight, or did the same person vote more than once?

  5. @Remarkable

    LOL@ “the public vote is never wrong”

    Aristocracy is the only way forward…

    As for George, please don’t urge people to hold their breath over some grand revelation, they might end up choking!!!

    He would rather die than admit to the truth, if he feels his ego threatened by it. Esp, right now that he’s totally out of control emotionally. {new “FINAL” concert, anyone…? LOL}


    I tried to vote more than once to check it out but it blocked it. So I guess there are at least 7 people- who believe he’s straight! Either that or someone has voted 7 times from different IP/locations. {LOL}

    Btw, I voted Gay. Everyone’s Real Sexuality is Gay.

  6. Lol @ AA! “Most bisexual men are in fact gay and most bisexual women are in fact straight” Oh really? Says who?

    If anyone sincerely believes that we can fully understand human’s sexuality, to the point that we can make such assertions, those people fall in the “severely deluded” category.

    You can have an opinion on the subject and that’s about it (yes, including researchers and professors, so please avoid posting links/quotes from “eminent experts”)

  7. @ Ms.Freeek Ok…no links LOL (but surely you have heard of the groundbreaking research taking place at the Goss Michael Foundation for the Study of Human Sexuality?)

  8. “You can have an opinion on the subject and that’s about it”

    For everything that exists there may be millions of opinions… but one Truth. Truth is not opinion. Now if Truth looks complex to you, you may want to investigate why…. Truth is always simple.

    In the case of sexuality, there are two states of mind that define it:

    a) Ego

    b) Love

    Ego loves to appear complex… so people often will allow emotional wounds to define their sexuality. Analysis into the number and nature of those wounds may indeed give you a headache… Or they will look into biology… another highly complex, never- ending search…

    Love… well, love is love. If you allow it to define your sexuality then the most simple outcome occurs: you want to be sexually with those you truly love.

  9. Of course you may truly love a lot of people at the same time, including friends and family. Thankfully, there is an Intelligent Design/Divine Wisdom out there… If you totally surrender to it, your mind clears marvelously and it allows you to process your sexuality in a way that is for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all concerned.

  10. Having said all of the above, I must add that for some people understanding their own sexuality is a perfectly simple matter, crystal clear in fact, so – thankfully – no need to surrender to any “inner obscure truth”.


    Lol AA!😀

  11. MissFreeek has got to be the perfect example of the ” one-dimensional GM fan”, the kind of fan that sadly George appeals to when singing songs like Star People, Outside, An Easier Affair… But even more sadly, George allowed all this to happen by becoming one-dimensional himself.

  12. It’s funny how many seriously mentally ill people believe that they live in some sort of superior dimension to the rest of the “normal” humans. Nothing but sad, really.

    Oh dear.

  13. If science proves someday that MissFreeek is indeed “normal” , what a sad day for humanity that will be! LOL

    Mind you, it wouldn’t affect me, never felt any burning desire to fit into the “normality” of the human species…

  14. Professor Umbridge, is that you? I hope you’re armed with your Special Detention Quill…

  15. Lol! I’m never going to call you with your first name after what you did to my virtual son, you should know that! Go add another 5 tea-spoonfuls of pink sugar to your tea, Ms Uumbridge.

  16. Interesting: I’m telling myself that I’m not interested.


    Well, I think it only matters when you are in contact with people.

  17. um. am i the only one who doesn’t give a shit. WHY do we give a damn about someone’s– anyone’s sexual orientation? how the F*ck did I land on this page?!

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