Fuck – Has Kenny Just Blown $8M On Skulls?

The Skulls painting is made up of 10 canvases

The Skulls painting is made up of 10 canvases

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with the partner of George Michael, Kenny Goss’s obsession with skull art, after revelations a couple of days ago.   Now,  a painting of ten skulls, titled, “The Skulls” by Andy Warhol has been a sold for £4,353,250 prompting questions whether Kenny has had a setback in controlling his addiction (see story at the BBC).

Has Kenny secretly blown on $8M skull art?  Or did someone other than Kenny buy the work?  We may never know, but that won’t stop the art glitterati talking about it.   When asked by the Guardian about his purchases, singer George Michael said, “Ask Kenny.  No, really.  Ask Kenny – he knows about art.” Make no mistake, George will be mad as hell if Kenny has bought this.  Firstly, he hates skull art; and secondly, George authorizes purchases only of works by YBAs (Young British Artists), where “young” is anyone under the age of about sixty or seventy.

Personally, speaking, if you’re asking Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog, we doubt very much that the purchaser was Kenny.   The skull evidence is purely circumstantial…  Here at Rem’s blog, we try to stand aside from the tittle tattle around the social scene of the art glitterati. After all, as George himself is fond of saying, attending an art gallery party is like listening to a hundred Geri Halliwell records all at the same time….

2 thoughts on “Fuck – Has Kenny Just Blown $8M On Skulls?

  1. It appears George is safe this time…

    The 6-foot-4-inch-high Warhol was bought by New York collectors Jose and Alberto Mugrabi. The work had been estimated to fetch between 5 million pounds and 7 million pounds.

  2. Kenny sure knows how to spend money! My god! 8 Million?! On crappy art?

    I have been discussing this with my mother for years now and showing Kenny’s taste in art collection. My mother said, “George Michael is lucky he is famous and has a famous name because if it were someone else buying this art as a ‘financial decision’ they wouldn’t be able to get a 2 cents for any of it years from now! ”

    My opinion, George Michael years from now could get 1 million off a Boogie he picked!!! Thank God Kenny has George’s name on his purchases because if it were in Kenny’s name their fortune would be worth null!

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