Brand New Video For Amazing

As some of you may know, singer George Michael has always been unhappy with the video for his song, Amazing.   So, now, there’s an alternative video that can be used for all plays of this song going forward.  Please enjoy this all-new video for Amazing…

4 thoughts on “Brand New Video For Amazing

  1. LMAO! I bet the parents are really glad that the speech & drama and dance lessons are paying off! The new Pepsi & Shirley are officially born!

  2. So, your real name is Eddie? Do we have to keep calling you Remarkable now that we know the truth? Btw, your daughters are really cute!

  3. Yes, real name is Eddie… Remarkable is the blogger’s name… somehow I got seen by him(or her) and the name stuck…. my bass playing is far from remarkable… and thanks for the compliment about my girls!

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