Signature Bunny For George & Kenny

"Bunny" by Sarah Lucas

Hot on the heals of yesterday’s news about George’s love for soft toys, comes what can only be described as GREAT NEWS for George and Kenny fans around the world!  Famed toy rabbit artist, Sarah Lucas, has created a brand new work for George Michael and Kenny Goss (read more details in The Art Newspaper).

The new piece by Lucus is entitled, “Pepsi & Cocky”.   I’m pleased to say we have the world premiere viewing of the piece, ahead of George and Kenny putting it on show in the Goss-Michael Foundation Gallery in Dallas, starting 25 October, and running through to the end of January 2009.

So, without any further ado, I am very proud to present to you… Pepsi & Cocky

Pepsi & Cocky

"Pepsi & Cocky"

Thanks to the Goss-Michael Foundation for kind permission to reproduce the above new work.  George Michael also revealed yesterday that Lucus is already working on a companion piece for him, entitled, “Coke & Cock”, which he says he can really relate to.

19 thoughts on “Signature Bunny For George & Kenny

  1. If I am not mistaken, George only likes to drink diet coke !!! I prefer George’s teddies to that Bunny😦, it looks like someone without a head😦

  2. It’s supposed to look like someone without a head. That’s the point of Sarah’s work. She doesn’t like heads, so leaves them out of most of her work. Sometimes, she likes to chop up the rest of the body as well, and put in a box e.g. have a look for her work titled, “Bunny Gets Snookered”

    Sarah’s work is all about being a litte bit shocking, and saying something about human sexuality.

  3. @Remarkable

    Whatever made you change the icons next to our names? I refuse to post if only for that!


    I just have no words for this ridiculous, vacuous art… I read the article from the Dallas News… Exquisite Pain? What does Hirst understand about pain? Exquisite Stupidity is more like it.

    Back in 1996 you were singing about those wasted years without affection…*right*… how about all the wasted years since then with you partner?

    But as always, it’s your life, I should let you do what you want… or rather what you pretend to want…

    I don’t think I can go on addressing you here anymore… Everytime I see you with Kenny and read of your Foundation together I just feel like totally disconnecting from you. Not spiritually, we ‘ll have that bond forever… just in every other way…

  4. Calliope, I thought the icons were cool! LOL! I will look into changing them…

    As for the “vacuous” art. Surely you know how the art world works? Much (not all, of course) is a load of nonsense, and a piss-take by the artists (they know full well they’re producing a load of old rubbish). The sole aim of such artists is to persuade influential rich people to patronize them. Once the artist has the support of key influential collectors, who will buy their work for silly amounts of money, there is the beginning of a market created for their work.

    Similarly, it’s a all piss-take by the savvy art collectors (they know what they’re buying is a load of nonsense). Their sole aim to become the one of the “influential” group of collectors. That way, they can choose to patronize a new artist by paying a silly amount of money for the work… BUT, knowing that what they’re really doing is creating a *baseline* value, and that market they create for that artist’s work will go up, and so they can sell at a later date for a huge profit.

    Now… the open question is: are George and Kenny trying to become these “influential” kinds of collectors, that actually create the market for the work of new artists, and so make huge profits as a result? Or, have they just been suckered into looking at the Emperor’s new clothes, and thinking that collecting art is a cool way to spend all George’s cash…

  5. *cries with laughter* Whatever happenned to poor Gareth Gates? After that Jordan fiasco I never heard a squeak from Cocky again…

    Oh, and Calliope, what do you mean with “what George pretends to want”? There was no pretension from him when he was cornered at the Frieze Art Fair by a Guardian journo. He seemed totally uninterested, saying he isn’t really into art and “go and talk to Kenny” etc. This art thing is clearly Kenny’s pet project, George is just funding it😉 Or did you mean his relationship with Kenny is just something he pretends to want…

  6. Jane, far be it from me to put words in George’s mouth (I’m a stickler for accuracy on this blog, and I’ll never knowingly misrepresent anything), I think George was actually unhappy about talking to the journalist. The reason why is because even a few quotes from George will be turned into a story. So, what he was saying is – if you’re really interested in talking about the art we collect, as opposed to getting some quotes from George Michael, then you should talk to Kenny because he really does know about this stuff…

    BTW as to what happened to Gareth Gates, he has now been stuffed, had his head removed, and will be on exhibition at the Goss-Michael Foundation Gallery in Dallas from the end of October through January 2009.

  7. Remarkable, I cannot look at that puppet, it gives me the creep , do you have any “other “cute picture to show us I am going to have nightmares tonight😦😦

  8. @jane

    {I believe it’s obvious what I meant…}

    George is just funding it?! LOL As if that were not bad enough! Also, you do realize it’s the Goss-Michael foundation, right? Which means he allows everyone to believe they ‘re together in this. Plus he does show up at functions, benefits etc related to the foundation & the contemporary art scene in general.


    I used to work at an art gallery in London in the mid 90s. Only stayed for a year and a half but that was more than enough… Mind you, the gallery in question did showcase some interesting stuff. As you pointed out, it’s not all rubbish in the contemporary art scene.

    I ‘m sure this piss-take you mention is part of it but I can tell you from my experience there are a lot of artists who take very seriously the nonsense they produce. Same goes for a lot of the collectors.

    As for George’s motive behind all this… I bet he hates the stuff deep down but he doesn’t mind the silly “prestige” that some silly circles associate with contemporary art collectors. Plus it must look like good investment to him. Sometimes he’ll do anything for money.

    Anyway, I ‘m glad this came up now. It makes me realize it’s time to stay away again.

    He can keep his Kenny, his Geri and his Bunny. I ‘m off.

  9. Rich businessmen with no clue create “taste” and what is valued and what is not. George and Kenny are a part of that world now, either as businessmen themselves or as patrons selling to rich businessment with no clue.

    Twenty years from now, when all this stuff is devalued, George and Kenny will have already sold their art for profit. Which is just as well because rich businessmen are incredibly tedious entities of this planet. They deserve to be ripped off.

  10. What a truly hideous item… Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    As for headless women, all I can say to Sarah Lucas is: if you ever come across a certain Gretchen Morgan… RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

  11. I don’t know why everyone is being so mean to poor Bunny. She has such beautiful, shapely legs; and such pretty, slender ankles.

    George and Kenny are quite right to display as many of Bunny’s super hot sisters as they can fit in at the current Goss-Michael Foundation gallery.

  12. “BTW as to what happened to Gareth Gates, he has now been stuffed, had his head removed, and will be on exhibition at the Goss-Michael Foundation Gallery in Dallas from the end of October through January 2009.”

    Roflol! Better than Bunny😉

    And Calliope – it wasn’t obvious to me, but I digress. For whatever reason, he wants people to believe he and Kenny are in the art business together, even if he couldn’t care less…maybe he really is interested, or why would he bother to associate himself with the Foundation at all? It was originally only Goss Gallery, wasn’t it? Perhaps he involved himself in it to stop Kenny from turning the gallery into a skullery…

  13. It appears to me that this site doesnt load in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same issue? I like this web site and dont want to have to miss it when Im away from my computer.

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