George Chimes In On Skull Argument

This afternoon, it’s become clear that singer George Michael thinks that the recent arguments that have been raging on Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog (see blog) , and in the Dallas press (see the Dallas News), about partner Kenny Goss’s skull-love have been one-sided in favor of Kenny.  Especially, George was keen to point out that the idea of a “Skullery” where Kenny could keep his skulls was really unfair to George.   George is reported to have said,

If Kenny is allowed his skulls, I should be allowed my soft toys.   Usually, I try to stay away from them because Kenny doesn’t like them.   The most I’m usually allowed is a nice soft blanket. Whenever I bring a new stuffed animal home, Kenny looks at me and says, “Another soft toy?” But soft toys make me happy.  I think I should be allowed to keep them in a room that I can go in whenever I want.

To prove his point that soft toys make him happy, George has asked that a photo from his private photo collection be published on this blog, which I’ve included at the top of this post…

13 thoughts on “George Chimes In On Skull Argument

  1. Oh, he’ll hate you now! LOL!

    Mind you, I love soft toys, particularly Forever Friends.

    But also, other species… hippos can be so cute!

    I got a little unicorn too, I hope one day to have a custom made one, white with lilac & silver touches.

  2. I like them ,” so cute the teddies “:) , better than that skull ,lol!!
    George and I have things in common!!! I have a colletion of soft toys too🙂

  3. Another f*cking soft toy?:)

    This is more correct?

    These hairy legs where did you found that picture??;))Wow!
    I don’t know how old George there, but he was too old for this stuff anyway…..that is really dirty;)))

  4. “Good” that this is only soft toys, not dolls and Barbies;)))))))))

    Could be much worse.

  5. The creepiest thing about the picture is the fact that George isn’t wearing anything under that robe. Those poor stuffed animals…

  6. If I am remembering correctly this photo was widely circulated in the teeny-bopper magazines back in the day and accompanied articles about George being sick and fans sending him stuffed animals to help him feel better.

  7. That would make sense, Whamfan, as Remarkable is a huge fan of those old teeny-bopper mags. Well, maybe ‘huge’ isn’t the right word. He’s actually morbidly obese. There. I said it.


    Remarkable you put a smile on my face when I visit your blog!😉

  9. @ Honey

    I think those stuff animals were probably from his fans back during Wham! I think he posed with them for his fans back then.

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