Kenny Goss Spotted Singing To A Skull

Another damn skull

"Another damn skull with a clown's nose? Where do you find this shit? For fuck's sake, put it in the trash. And stop murdering my songs!"

Friends and family of Dallasite Kenny Goss are becoming increasingly concerned by the socialite’s increasingly strange behavior.   Recently, Kenny was seen in an increasingly confused state, hanging around the skull with a clown’s nose, pictured above.   Seemingly increasingly agitated, Kenny was singing the following words softly to the skull…

I can’t stop but you know that I want to
I can’t stop don’t you know that I want you
I want you (more than ever)

So I do not dare to take you home

As of writing this, Goss’s spokeswoman has not returned our calls asking for comment.  Let’s hope this is not the reason why Kenny’s partner, singer George Michael, has had to pull out of a AIDS benefit performance in Dallas at short notice.  Sadly, we hear that Kenny’s skull fixation has already cost George a lifetime achievement award at the 2009 Brits.  Brit bosses think it best to steer clear of skulls for the time being.

[Source: Kenny Goss]

Kenny Goss at home in Highland Park, Dallas.  Two pieces of Damien Hirst are on the wall.

Kenny Goss, doing his best Christine Keeler impression, at home in Highland Park, Dallas. Two Damien Hirst works are on the wall. The floor is polished so that George can do his roller skating practice indoors if he wants.

19 thoughts on “Kenny Goss Spotted Singing To A Skull

  1. Why is that Pippi? Has George banned you from collecting skulls too? I have to say, I’m with George on this one. I don’t know what Kenny sees in skulls, especially skulls with clown’s noses.

  2. There is lot’s of truth inside those funny remarks😦, that’s why i feel sad😦, i do respect people’s choices , but this is all too much😦, it’s not art anymore, it’s bad taste !

  3. Yes – that’s why George has taken the step of forbidding Kenny to fill their houses with skulls (which he would most certainly do, if his desires were left unchecked). So, no need to worry!

    Having said that, Kenny really loves his skulls. I think George might consider setting up a kind of “skull room” (a skullery?!) in their Highland Park house, where Kenny could put as many skulls as he wants. That way, George never has to see them.

  4. Kenny doesn’t really know why skulls and not flowers. He thinks he simply has an addiction to skull art. At the moment, Kenny is trying hard to say away from the stuff because George really doesn’t like it at all. However, I’m hoping that my idea for a “skullery” may be a good compromise that keeps them both happy. After all, sometimes collecting art is about the art of compromise.

  5. Don’t skulls all look the same???? What’s the beauty? I could understand if it was a painting !!!

  6. All skulls look the same ugly;)
    The “beauty” is when you have bad taste….. or rather no taste at all. There is nothing pretty in it. Besides he spending George’s money on this trash……but as long as it is still alowed…cause I’ve heard George hates them, skulls in general, which is totally natural I think.

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  8. LOL, Calliope Iris, no it’s not Photoshopped. It’s a real piece of “skull-art” by a Brazilian artist called Vik Muniz who works out of New York. To be fair, there’s no reason you should recognize the style: he’s more famous for his jelly and peanut butter replicas of the Mona Lisa than he is for skull art.

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  10. George needs to take the check book or American Express card away from Kenny! LOL!

    I could pick better art with a blind fold! LOL!

    And George says Kenny knows about Art Collecting!

    Stop the insanity already! LOL!

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