Is The Sun Making Up Stories Again?

Tomorrow’s Sun newspaper carries a story about George Michael’s arrest last Friday for carrying Class A and Class C drugs.  The “news” paper will say,

DISGRACED George Michael tearfully begged cops not to charge him after he was caught in a public toilet with crack cocaine and cannabis.

The pop star – who apologised to fans last night – said a conviction could get him barred from America, where he has an Aids benefit gig next month.

And George, 45, claimed his charity would lose £2million in ticket sales if he could not go.

A source said: “He was very emotional. He kept saying, ‘Please, you’ll ruin my career’. His sob story worked – he escaped with a caution. He was even chauffeured home. He only got away with it because of his celebrity status.”

I can’t quite make up my mind whether this story is true or largely  fabricated.  On balance, I’m leaning towards fabrication; but having said that, I’m a little surprised The Sun would know about his forthcoming AIDS benefit gig in the US.

Why am I leaning towards fabrication?  Well, it’s because the central claim of the article doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  You see, as I understand it, George’s forthcoming benefit gig is already in doubt as a result of his this weekend’s events. US Immigration folks really dislike allowing people with Class A records into the country all together, let alone wanting them to work there.  In this context, “records” means cautions, as well as convictions.  The point is – if you accept a police caution, it means that there was both enough evidence to bring a prosecution; and that the you have admitted being guilty of the offence.  So a caution and a conviction are pretty similar from their point of view.

As the situation stands now, George will certainly have to make representations to the US authorities, ahead of traveling there to see if they want him to work there or not. Otherwise, he’s likely to have his work visa revoked as soon as he arrives on US soil; and they may even put him straight back on the next flight to the UK and bar him from the US completely.

The fact that George has quickly shown remorse for his behaviour, and promised to sort out his drug problems should work in his favour.   Hopefully the US authorities will reach the opinion that, on balance, allowing George into the US will do more good than it would harm.

11 thoughts on “Is The Sun Making Up Stories Again?

  1. This whole thing is giving me a headache. George was already allowed back in the States for the North American Tour AFTER he had his license taken away for being passed out in his car or whatever. So they found something in him then, right? … and he was allowed to return and work in the States anyway. So I would imagine he would get away with it again with the help of his legal team.

    How can he be barred from returning to the States if he owns property in Dallas? Or does Kenny technically own it?

  2. The Sun is owned by News Corp… same goes for HarperCollins … now if they are reporting this whole thing in this way, maybe he’s given back the advance to that autobiography?…

    Good thing if he did.

  3. Who cares if its true or not?!

    GEORGE gave them the opening to say whatever they like.

    He can’t complain. He asked for it…he got it.

  4. Having read the article in the Sunday People (or whatever the trashy ‘newspaper’ is called), they quoted a police spokesperson as saying it was cocaine. No mention of crack cocaine. I’m guessing the story has been embelished slightly as per usual. Cocaine is no where near as big a deal as crack.

  5. Cocaine is hardly a ‘safe’ drug. Plus, George has had a chance to publicly deny it, and hasn’t. You just know if the tabloids had made it up, he would have said something by now. So what does that tell you?

  6. This report seems science fiction to me with a real bases and the rest taken out of the blue. In other word, “invented”.

    What worries me more is that the customs officers seem to have a bit too much discretionary powers. In March, they held an Italian 10 days in custody without lawyer or phone call. It was not until the New York Times released an article that they set him free…

    This is something I don’t want to happen to George.

  7. Sob works always, or not? If you wanna a little sob, just hear the song @this is not real love@. For me it works most of the times.

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