George Has Been Arrested In A Toilet Again!

Toilets where George was arrested

The toilets where George "Reading Difficulty" Michael was arrested while loitering

George Michael was arrested in a toilet in South End Green, near Hampstead Heath in London on Friday (19 September).  He had both Class A and Class C drugs on him, and was reportedly in a confused state when police confronted him.  There are no reports as to whether his genitals were inside, or outside his trousers at the time, but the rest room George was in is a notorious place for cruising and drugs.  Out of his mind on drugs or not, there can be little doubt as to the reasons he was hanging around this particular rest room. What a really lovely place to spend a Friday morning (see pic above).

You’d have thought he’d have learnt by now.  Obviously not though! LOL!   Be interesting to know what the Class A drugs were…  Cannabis obviously ain’t enough for him these days.    Update: The Class A drug George had on him was reportedly crack cocaine. Oh dear, if that’s true, he really is seriously fucked up; and he can’t even see it.

I guess that, having accepted a police caution, there will be no charges brought, and that the police will consider the matter closed.   The publicity won’t be pretty though.  If only it hadn’t been in a toilet!!!  Looking on the bright side, though… at least he was awake ;-)  That’s a step in the right direction.

Update:  Prior to this latest arrest, it’s always been unclear whether George was a user of Class A drugs or not (previously he has always protested that he uses only either cannabis or prescription drugs when arrested).  Having accepted a caution relating to possession of Class A drugs, specifically crack cocaine, the nature of his drug use is no longer in doubt. That means it’s possible, perhaps even likely, that George’s work visa which allows him to play concerts, or act in TV shows, in the US will now be revoked.

Remarkable’s Final Thought

What George has done in the toilet will be shocking and upsetting to some.   George, though, probably won’t care.  It might be about time he started acting his age though.  Just as pop music is about youth culture, so sex and drugs in toilets is really best left to the younger crowd like the lovely Amy. Come on George, wasn’t that multi-dungeon cruising area you went to in Germany a couple of weekends ago enough for you?    Three or four thousand men in gimp masks, all gagging for it (literally).   Surely, that’s enough for anyone.  Thousands George.  Thousands! Anyway, what do I know?! Look after yourself… and Kenny….

46 thoughts on “George Has Been Arrested In A Toilet Again!

  1. A couple of phrases are off the mark as far as I ‘m concerned. I don’t really want to point out which ones because I ‘d be drawing even more attention to them.

    Just saw you added that Final Thought bit… that bit about Germany, what on earth is that about?

  2. Well R can only speak his mind and in all sincerity… its better the devil you know for gm, kinda boring history repeating itself.. but each to there own..

  3. Oh dear. These days I feel like I’m the mother of a naughty teenager; waken up early on Sunday morning at the sound of “Ohhh, you won’t like this… George at it again” MissF: “What?! Not in the toilets, please tell me it’s not the toilets” – “It *is* the toilets, and drugs…” Fuck. Had to stagger out of bed and go read about my virtual naughty child up to his old tricks again.

    Anyway, I’m glad he’s not inside, for a few minutes I feared he was. Apparently shopped by a toilet attendant.I can see potential for creative headlines in some nasty country: “Our revenge on George Michael. Well done to our fellow national!”

    P.S. Calliope is right, Rem! How dare you trying to confuse the readers with controversial words such as “genitals”? You naughty, naughty boy.

  4. He says he loves Kenny… When you love someone, you want to make them happy. So if you happen to have issues, you work on yourself to resolve them.

    He also said he wanted a “quieter life”. But clearly, this is another round of attention-seeking on his part. A couple of years ago I would have thought it was a cry of help. Thank God, I ‘m not that foolish anymore.

  5. Umm.. Crack is pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. It’s coke mixed with all sorts of crap. Baking soda, Ajax, and countelss other chemicals. They take pure coke and mix all this garbage in to increase the volume, so there is more to sell and make it cheaper for the addicts.

    Absolutely not a party drug. The garbage in it has all sorts of side effects.. (see Amy Winehouse) Smoke it long enough and you’re teeth will rot away, loose massive amounts of weight.


  6. Why was GM only given a “caution”? Was is because he only had a small, negligible amount of drugs on him at the time … and because he admitted his guilt immediately? WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE CLUE ME IN!?!

    As for crack cocaine — that’s about as serious as it gets. It’s extremely addictive and wreaks havoc on your system. It’s down there with Heroin, no exaggeration. In America, it’s been an epidemic in certain lower income neighborhoods and has all but destroyed those areas.

  7. It’s quite common for police to give people a caution when found possessing Class A drugs for personal use. People seem to be thinking that a caution is just some kind of vague warning. It’s not – a caution goes on file forever, and there are consequences. For example, the caution can be used against people as evidence if they are ever arrested again, when the police may decide to prosecute. Also, people who have received cautions for Class A drug possession in the UK are quite likely to be banned from working in the US; and if they already have work visas issued, these are frequently revoked.

    George has fucked up here, make no mistake. Wandering the streets drugged-up, during the day, carrying illegal Class A drugs is not something a rational person would do. It’s just asking for trouble because it’s obvious people are going to notice.

    Expect a repeat performance from George soon – he clearly has a tendency to go out in public when under the influence of drugs. If he’s on crack now, his drug use is only going to increase; and again, if the reports of crack use are true, it’s a real shame given he’s such a nice guy. Crack is really for losers… I’d have expected George to be smart enough to know that.

    Why didn’t the police prosecute? My guess is that, the truth is they felt that George wasn’t endangering anyone other than himself, and he can afford to buy his drugs, so is unlikely to commit any crimes to pay for his habit. Also, he’s a bright, articulate guy when he’s not under the influence – I’m sure as the drugs wore off over five hours of questioning, he was very charming with the officers, and said he was sorry etc. In other worse, he’s not the usual type of crack user that really needs to be removed from society, for the good of society. It’s not the job of the police to babysit George; if he wants to kill himself by abusing dangerous drugs like crack, then I guess they think that’s his problem.

  8. But doesn’t a “caution” require that only a small amount of drugs be found on the person? And How many cautions can one get before actually being prosecuted?

  9. No, I don’t think a police caution requires that the offender only has a small quantity of drugs in their possession. As to how many cautions, I think it’s up to the police to use their judgment in each specific case.

    Having said that, the police are likely to take a dim view of someone that doesn’t change their behavior after receiving an official caution. So, next time (and it’s hard to believe there won’t be a next time), I wouldn’t be surprised if they prosecute.

  10. Police and CPS also take into account his wealth compared to the amount of drugs on him. Just take a look at the Tetrapak heir and what he had stashed in his house to see a comparison – he got a caution because he argued that he could afford to buy in bulk for personal use. There must be a drug/cash ratio they use as a guide.

    Bottom line is – he’s a moron. A Class A moron, at that.

  11. Good point, Moog. Also, in the case of Hans K (the Tetra Pak guy), there were mitigating circumstances. Everyone involved felt that if they looked like Hans K, they’d be taking a lot of drugs too, to help them forget…

  12. He’s one of the most important songwriters of our generation, and incredible showman; an irreplaceable talent. I wish him well, as perhaps we all should. Mental illness in music? Substance abuse?
    THERE’S a shock. Artists struggle. We all deserve support and understanding. Good luck to him in all matters, and I highly recommend throwing down his “Freedom” (“I won’t let you down, I will not give you up…” THAT one not the fruity one with the OTHER guy) upon awakening. That or Word Up. You can’t have a bad day.

  13. @Pippi, I don’t think there’s anything you can do. If George wants or needs help, then that help will come from those in his life that are closest to him. If he doesn’t want help, then no-one will be able to help him; and if he doesn’t need help, then there’s nothing to worry about.

    @Martina, I agree. I’m sure he knows that there are millions of people around the world that wish the best for him.

  14. Sometimes I wonder whether some people switch their brains on before posting (proving they actually have one).

    I feel quite outraged reading that some of you would want George to be lockep up, or “treated like an ordinary criminal and not a celebrity”. Have you ever dealt with “ordinary criminals”? Well, the police has. Crack cacaine abusers will be your sort of average dangerous sub-humans who struggle to articulate 2 consecutive cvc words and will shout abusive language non-stop. They will do all sorts of umpleasant things, the vast majority of which will include violence towards perfectly honest and civilised citizens. For 99% of them there will be no positive improvement, they will simply continue being a nasty piece of work and a danger to society.

    Very rarely the police will get a break and catch someone like George.

    Now: George *is* a decent individual, he is intelligent, articulate, and (UNLIKE THE ABOVE DESCRIBED LOSERS) will own up to his wrong doing. That’s what a genuine person like George does. Note that having money has not come into account yet, because if you’re a disgusting thug, and you happen to have money, you will still be the same disgusting thug (with money). George has money, but his decency and honesty does not come from having money, it comes from simply being a good person (who happens to be struggling with drug dependency at the moment).

    So, you will forgive the police for making the right decision here, and giving George a caution (which, btw, is not a cushy number)rather than throwing him in jail with a bunch of nasty criminals. George does not belong with them, it’s as simple as that.

  15. I agree with the indignation expressed regarding people who would snarl “lock him up”, etc. It’s a natural fear-based reaction to something so shocking…but people get over that.
    Here’s the thing: if we, as a species were to “lock up” or otherwise completely dehumanize every single self-loathing or narcissitically defended person, a.) we would be exhaused and run out of space and b.) lose pretty much all our friends.
    George Michael is just like everybody else. Struggling with his personal daemon and deserving of compassion. That’s not to say he isn’t pissing off people who care for him.
    But something very interesting I’ve learned is that the bigger the “shame”, the more likely transcendence WILL blossom in the life of the person being vilified. Any precious soul looking to get raked over the coals like he is, is I think courageous and a leader in many ways, ie if George MICHAEL can so called screw up like this, maybe I’M not so bad either. Blessings to him. I don’t think one minute badly of the guy.

  16. @ Martina: with respect, I don’t think George would take any pride (or consolation) in being a bad example. People who think that if even “gods” like GM can “screw up like this”, than it’s probably OK for them to continue being losers, should just seek for help.

    Also, I personally wouldn’t lose any friends if all the self-loathing addicts were locked up.

    The point is: locking up criminals is the thing to do, throwing away the key would be even better.

    However, George does not fall into that category, and that’s a fact.

  17. No, I wouldn’t lose any friends either if they locked up malignantly narcissistic self-loathing addicts. It would just be harder to form a band.😉
    …and I agree. I didn’t mean that he would take “pride”, what I meant is that so many, many people are suffering through their OWN shame that it may be of consolation on some level to some that we all screw up. I dunno. I just feel for the guy. And you know something you pointed out indirecly just there struck me: losers really DO choose to stay loserly, don’t they? It’s uber tough to have compassion for that brand of loony. Fair enough🙂

  18. I just can’t see George doing crack…I mean…it’s such a ‘poor persons’ drug!😉

    I thought on Sunday that the ‘news’papers had just jumped on ‘crack’ as the worst in a bad list of possible Class A drugs that George could have been found with…more likely Ecstasy, I thought. However…as time has gone by…and still no hot ‘get me on Richard and Judy…NOW’ type denial…it must be true. 😦 We’ll never know for sure unless it all goes further as the police only cautioned him this time, they will make no further comment on the matter. However IF he does it again (God forbid…or whatever you believe in)…I’m sure this can and will be used against him! I think my 84 year old mum summed it up nicely…” he needs to start behaving himself”…YOU LISTENING TO MY MUM GEORGE?😉

  19. How many times has George been arrested in a relatively short space of time? The fact is that he has potentially endangered others through his behavior and drug abuse, not so much this time maybe but definitely in the past (driving under the influence) – and has repeatedly done so. Isn’t this the definition of a criminal?

    It is neither here nor there if he’s honest or articulate. Some of the most dangerous psychopaths in the world are charming and well-spoken types. And no, I’m not saying that George is a psychopath at all, but to say he doesn’t deserve to be locked up because he isn’t a so-called real criminal is false when you look at the evidence. Perhaps being locked up would be enough to shock him into changing his behavior once and for all because I hate to say it, it doesn’t look as if he will change otherwise.

  20. As Caff said above, crack cocaine is such a “poor man’s” drug — very ghetto and declasse. Surely BENEATH the aristocratic standards of our beloved George Michael. Personally, I think it was, like, one Ecstasy pill and some weed that was found on him. Maybe a little regular cocaine — but even that seems out of character for him.

  21. God… is it a rule that someone can’t ever get rid of any addiction? Should we take it as a constant realty? …please name a few guys who got rid of it!!!

    P.S. So sorry, Remarkable, to visit your page and find this sad news… if not your page I wouldnt know what’s going on with George… better I didnt.

  22. … so “important” to see the picture of toilet where he was caught… did you take it yourself??? :-S

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