Different Stories, Part 1 – The Father Figure Girl

Tania In The Father Figure Video

Tania, looking sultry, in the Father Figure video

Update: 2014 Please note – this blog was originally published in 2008. Tania has since got divorced from her husband.

George Michael’s forthcoming autobiography is set to be explosive.  So explosive, in fact, that George may decide that the time isn’t quite right for him to lift the lid on his life, and the lives of people that have crossed his path during his career.   While we’re waiting, I thought the time is perfect to take look at the stories of some of those that, for however short a time, were an important part of George’s life and career.   Welcome to, “Different Stories”.   In Part 1, we take a look at “the girl from the Father Figure video”.

Can you believe it’s more than twenty years since George Michael released his song Father Figure as a single?  Two decades! Bloody hell!  Some images take longer than that to fade, though. Who of us could ever forget the girl that George was stalking in the video for that song – a young model named Tania Coleridge.   It was the height of the hysteria surrounding the Faith album.  Save for the Pope, and a few sportsmen, George Michael had possibly the most famous face on the planet.   The videos for his songs were glamourous and sexy, with George center stage.   The Father Figure video was one of the best and it turns out that the shoot was as eventful as the video is memorable.   MId-way through filming, the director ordered Tania to slap George in the face, “with feeling”.  She obliged, hitting George so hard she almost broke his jaw.  This slap had a profound effect on George.  How could a girl be so strong to hurt him so much?  Did that make George  a girl? Not being able withstand the force of a young girl slapping him in the face caused George to question his sexuality.  He became scared of girls, in case they hit him, and… well… the rest, as they say, is history.  Of course, we all know George’s story from there on in – it’s well-documented; but whatever happened to“The Father Figure Girl”? It’s time to catch up with her…

First, though, a little history.  Tania was born into the English aristocracy, the daughter of the fifth Baron of Ottery St Mary.  As she emerged from adolescence, the young Tania knew she wanted to be a model and actress, so she headed over the water, to make a life in Los Angeles, California. So it was that Tania had turned into a 21-year old aspiring model and actress when she met George Michael and was cast in his video.  She loved George’s nickname, “Nobby” and often told friends that she would marry a man called “Nobby” one day.  She stayed in the US for a while after slapping George, but returned to her home country of England several years later.   By the time she hit (slapped?) 30, friends were telling Tania that she had to begin to accept that she might never meet her “Nobby”, but, just as she was about to give up, fate, as it is want to do, took a hand.   She met a man named “Willie”, and Tania cried out, “That’s close enough!”.  So, Tania married her Willie, and embarked on a new adventure that would take her across the world to Venezuela.  Tania and Willie fell in love with a beautiful village on the Venezuelan coast, and they settled there, planting tens of thousands of cacao trees.

In 2002, though, England called.  So Tania grabbed her Willie, and returned to Blighty to look after her family’s ancestral home. However, a few short years later, the costs of upkeep on the home became too much, and Tania had to put the house up for sale.

How is Tania doing today?   Well, as you can see from the photo below she’s doing just fine. Here she is in her kitchen, in front of her aga…

Tania, in her kitchen

“Hi George!  Surprise! Long time, no see!  Agas are cool, aren’t they?!”

Tania is still happily married, and along with her husband and three young children, lives just an hour’s drive from George’s former Wham! partner, Andrew Ridgeley.   Tania still does a bit of modelling.

Tania still does a bit of modelling

Tania doing a bit of modelling

Tania’s and Willie’s biggest passion in life is chocolate.  Willie eats more of it than Tania does.

Tania, feeding chocolate to her husband

Tania spooning chocolate into her Willie

So there you have it.  Now you’re up to date with the Father Figure girl.   Hope you enjoyed catching up with her, after twenty years.   In 2008, Tania sprung to fame once again, in the acclaimed Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall documentary series, Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory.

In March 2008, when the show aired,  George Michael, David Austin and Kenny Goss were sitting on a couch, watching TV, and couldn’t believe what their eyes were about to see…

David: “Oh. My. God.  It can’t be!!!”

George: “Fuck! It bloody is!!!!!”

Kenny: “Who is it?  Who are we talking about?”

George: “Sshhhhhhh Kenny, we’re trying to watch a programme.”

David: “I can’t believe it’s her!”

George: “Wow! Me neither!  This is wicked!”

Kenny: “George, I thought you didn’t like girls!”

George: “Kenny, you’re not in this.  You weren’t there. If you were there, you’d know.”

David: “Good one, George!”

George: “I know!”

Kenny: “But… but…”

David: “For fuck’s sake…”

George: “I wonder if she’s slapped her husband?”

David: “You’re still bitter about that, aren’t you?”

George: “Well, it bloody hurt! And she pulled my pants down, didn’t she, Dave?”

David: “Errrrrrrrrr… No.”

George: “Yeah. You remember.  Like that teacher at our primary school. The old perv used to pull our pants down while we were waiting to go to the toilet.”

David: “Errrrrrrrrr… No. You know, I really wish you wouldn’t keep saying things like that.”

Kenny: “Who pulled George’s pants down?”

David: “No-one.”

George: “OK Fine.  But she did slap me.  You have to admit that.”

David: “Yes, she did slap you.”

Kenny: “That woman hit you, George?”

George: “Yeah. It really hurt.”

Kenny: “Is that why you hit me, George?  And why you pull my pants down?”

David: “I thought it was Kevin Spacey that did that.  Errrr… Look, I think I need to get some air – I’m going for a walk.”

George: “Cool.  Can you bring a couple of pizzas with you when you come back?  Cheers, matey!”

And there we must leave George, Kenny and David.   To see how the story ends, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for George’s autobiography to hit (slap) the stores…

30 thoughts on “Different Stories, Part 1 – The Father Figure Girl

  1. So that’s her name!!! I was wondering about it a few months ago, like whatever happened to that girl from the Father Figure video… but never bothered to do a google search for some reason… Actually, I thought you were joking about her husband’s name and that documentary but then I looked her up on wikipedia and it’s true! LOL!!!

    You know, even though FF was never my all-time favorite song, I used to like it a lot in the 90s… then one day, I realized there’s something weird about his voice as he sings one particular line… it turned me off… plus another lyric got on my nerves big time at some point… nah, not telling which one…

    I don’t consider it one of his best videos… too predictable and not classy enough… Spinning the Wheel is much, much better… But for some weird reason it’s too close to home… I mean, I ‘ve had flings with taxi-drivers, photographers and currently working in fashion…!!!… And then the slap… LOL, for a long time I wanted to slap George but it’s gone now… Ironically, I did slap my driver the other day…

    And then that other scene… where he calls her and as soon as she picks up, he hungs up… Ummm… LOL!

    Plus Tania is quite posh… the daughter of a baron… now that’s interesting too…

    Generally speaking, it’s common knowledge some men find it very difficult to deal with the fact that the woman they are in love with may be from a higher social stratum than them. And if that woman happens to hurt their pride too… I mean, think Great Expectations etc… Yeah, I totally understand that… Why do such men always seem to forget the reason the woman did that in the first place? Some of them will go into revenge mode and try to hurt the woman too… revealing their low self- esteem… The good news is that hurting a woman’s pride(esp if she’s quite proud herself) is the fastest way to get her to move on… so in many ways, they ‘re doing her a favor…

  2. Speaking of moving on, I hope you consider that about yoursef too, Remarkable. You ‘ve been reporting on George for like, ages… Surely there’s more to you than that… And maybe it’s time for you to be open about who you are or at least your name… I mean, I wonder sometimes, do people in your life know that you have this blog? Or do you have a double life…? LOL!

    I have to be honest, there was a time I used to feel embarrassed about my George thingy… and NOONE, not even my closest friends knew about my metaphysical experiences with him… But then, one day, I realized hiding emotionally from others/oneself is just not the way to go. I wanted to be someone who is not afraid of her feelings… To me, strength is directly proportional to one’s ability to express vulnerability. Now I ‘m glad things happened in such a way that I had to open up about it.

    And you know, I googled myself one day[LOL!} and realized that “Calliope Iris” shows up in quite a few entries in your blog, Remarkable. So it’s kinda late to pretend this whole thing never happened. It did, and if I ‘m ever asked one day in an interview😉 of course I will tell the truth…

    I ‘ve always wondered though… what does Kenny know about me… and whatever happened to those framed photographs that I gave George’s dad to give George back in 2003(Christmas)…? Maybe George threw them way when he got oh so upset with me..? Ah, nevermind, I still got the negatives, I could always give them to someone else, someone who gives me something in return…;-)

  3. Remarkable, that’s funny🙂, and where are, what happened to the little ladies that appeared in the Careless Whisper video? LOL

  4. @calliopi iris> “double life:” LMAO. Maybe he has…Re……do you have too red hair (i mean him). LMAO

  5. Lovely idea! Please, keep on. Try to find out about the Careless Whisper girl.
    Hello Calliope Iris.
    Tha same way you suggested Remarkable to be open about who he/she is, why don’t you do the same? I don’t mean to be nosy but why should Kenny know about you and what framed photographs are you talking about?
    Take care,

  6. i sent too a photograph, calliopi. But it was around 2002 i guess. But you can be more sure that he got it cause like you say you gave it to his dad. And i sent it through his management.

  7. @Ana

    You don’t mean to be nosy but you are!!!😉 I never suggested that I ‘m in favor of telling everyone everything. I like keeping some things to myself, sometimes a lot of things, same way I like sharing certain stuff only with people I consider very close. That said, over the years, I have shared A LOT about me on this blog and George-related forums.

    {btw, are you a newbie here?}

    Regarding Remarkable, it’s not the first time I ‘ve suggested a different “path” to him… I have nothing to gain either way and I ‘m definitely not doing it out of curiosity- I already know his name! {Oh yeah!!!}

    So, anyway, if you want to know a bit more about me, you can google me. There’s a link to my site there among other things. {I ‘m not posting a link here cause I already did once and I feel that’s more than enough.}

    Anyway, all I will say about the framed photographs is that they were not of me- just taken by me.

  8. @Amazone

    I take it yours were personal pics of yourself…? He probably got yours as well.

    Yeah, I ‘m sure I ‘ve been George’s sister in some lifetime or other… I ‘d say more than once. It ‘d be interesting to know someday how many lifetimes it’s been altogether…

  9. Hello Calliope.

    I’m not new here. I’ve posted comments here once or twice.
    I didn’t mean to be nosy (lol) but I felt teased when you wrote “..I ‘ve always wondered though… what does Kenny know about me… and whatever happened to those framed photographs that I gave George’s dad to give George back in 2003(Christmas)…? Maybe George threw them way when he got oh so upset with me..? Ah, nevermind, I still got the negatives,…”. When someone posts something like that what can you expect from readers?!
    Btw, I followed your advice and I googled your nickname. So you are a Creative Director from Greece. Beautiful country and you have a beautiful website.
    Take care,

    P.S.-Don’t tease in the next post or I’ll be nosy again!

  10. @Kalliopi: I have a very important question for you; how does it go Christianity(orthodox)with Buddhisam? I have no clue…

  11. @Ana

    Oh, I see, must ‘ve missed your previous comments.

    Thank you for your kind words- I ‘m glad you like it.

    You felt teased!!! To be honest, I wasn’t even trying!😉

  12. @Amazone

    Yes, there’s a video for Everything She Wants and he looks so angry in it!!!

    Actually, I find it strange he didn’t put more effort into that video…

  13. I always wondered what her story was, I have spent MANY moments thinking about her in private. She is still amazing, what a beautiful woman. I am glad to hear she is doing well.

  14. Tania Coleridge is the sexiest woman ever to walk the face of the Earth. If only I knew how to make chocolate.

  15. Tania is still beautiful and reading this takes me back to an amazing time the 80s in London

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