Congratulations To George On The Final Two! And A Contest!

Congratulations to George Michael on a couple of amazing shows at Earls Court this past weekend!   The consensus is that these were amongst the best shows of his life.   On a personal note, many thanks are due to Kenny Goss for doing the rounds on the arena floor, and directing people to Remarkable’s seat when they gave the secret code words.   Kenny worked tirelessy on both Sunday and Monday evenings, to get to as many people as possible, and Remarkable is very grateful for his efforts (especially for turning away particularly unattractive fans by denying all knowledge of “anyone called Remarkable”). To all Rem’s Blog fans who did come and say, “Hello” – it was really great to meet you!

OK. So that’s that.  Now – a new contest, with a truly amazing prize!  How would you like the chance to meet George Michael in person?!  Yes – you read it right!!! How would you like the chance to meet George, at his luxury home in London, England?  Rem’s Blog is offering an all-expenses paid trip to meet George in London.  All you have to do is complete the following sentence in twenty five words or less:

I would like to meet George Michael because…

Put your answers in the comments (you can enter more than once, if you so choose). Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

This competition is open to anyone, but the prize relates only to expenses incurred in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. All travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses will be paid in advance, at the sole discretion of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog, and no discussion will be entered into relating to any non-approved spending incurred after the award of the prize fund.   According to prevailing conditions, there may be a cap on expenses which means that the competition winner’s expenses may, in certain circumstances, not be met in full. The competition winner will be directed to George Michael’s house, where they must wait for George to emerge.   Rem’s Blog cannot guarantee George Michael will be at home on the dates that the winner is able to travel, or that he will be in the mood to come and talk to the winner.    The competition winner will be chosen by staff at Remarkble’s Buzzin’ Blog, and no discussion will be entered into surrounding the the decision.  Should a dispute arise, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog will have sole power to decide the outcome. This competition is being run in association only with Georgous Michaels 25 Alive Enterprises Ltd, and not in affiliation with any other person or company.  In the event that the winner is not,  despite their best efforts, able to meet George Michael, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog may, at its sole discretion substitute a meeting with the Danish band Alphabeat.   In the event that George Michael indicates to Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog that he doesn’t like any of the competition entries, or in any event, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog reserves the right not to choose a winner, and/or not to award a prize.

16 thoughts on “Congratulations To George On The Final Two! And A Contest!

  1. George Michael is the most talented Artist of recent times.
    25Live has made the last two yrs two of the best yrs of my life.

  2. I’d like to meet George because he brings joy into my life🙂 and I’d like to tell him that he is special the way he is😉 . Shame I didn’t see you Remarkable! I was sitting on the other side!!

  3. Remarkable, you are so funny🙂
    I’d love to see George and give him a piece of advice on how not to catch a cold!!!

  4. remarkable where were you at the concerts? it is a pity I didn’t get to meet you😦

  5. But they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way… so maybe George Michael doesn’t really want to meet himself for fear of having to look himself in the eye…

  6. Oh, that was me being rather negative again- in the other thread too. Maybe I was picking up George psychically again… been feeling very weird for the last four days. Plus my own stuff… But I ‘ve just had a positivity shower and wow, feeling so much better already. And Coldplay is on the radio… their recent stuff is quite good!

  7. Speaking of Coldplay, would you arrest me, musicpolice, if you caught me file sharing? Not that I do that but given your nick, do you actually believe in policing people who share music freely on the Net?

  8. “maybe I was picking up George psychically again… been feeling very weird for the last four days…”

    That should read “the last 15 years…”

    …I have wondered in the past how often he did hard drugs but I got no answer. Given all the stuff I have felt and experienced over the years, I thought someone could have been kind enough to tell me. But nope.

    I also wondered about what he was on during the tour… I kept seeing/feeling such aggression in him… and I could not understand why no one else saw it…

    Another thing I have always wondered is when he was singing “heal me with your crime”, did he mean that? It was on the radio a few minutes ago… The way I ‘ve always understood that lyric was like he wanted that person he was addressing to hurt him(crime) in order to heal him… maybe he felt he did not deserve to be healed through love… yeah, he is like that… he also seems to believe that loves always ends in tears… but then, when people hurt him he never stops to think why they may do so… he usually becomes vindictive and hurts them back… so maybe he didn’t mean it…?

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