Who Writes This?

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, enjoying an evening in the pub

George Michael (left) and Andrew Ridgeley (right), enjoying an evening in the Highgate Sports & Social Club bar

Honestly, who writes George’s fanclub e-mails?  It must be someone who was born before 1890. I quote:

While the two gentlemen that made up Wham! remain dear friends…

The “two gentlemen”?!  Are these the same people that His Magnificence once referred to as “two little Hitlers (in an old church hall)”?   And they “remain dear friends” do they? When did it stop being “just a buddy and me”?

Anyway, no matter.  What counts is that  they’re promising that the final shows on the 25 Live Tour will be, “nothing short of perfection.” Wikid! No pressure, then😉

All this, just to make it clear that Andrew Ridgeley will not be making a little guest appearance at the final GM shows.  Well, of course he won’t!  As regular readers of Rem’s blog already know, George and Andy are super-busy with big plans to re-launch Wham! properly on the world stage.   When they come back, it will be with a bang bam!

28 thoughts on “Who Writes This?

  1. what will you be wearing? Pink or blue? Any George T-Shirt ??? What time are going to be there?

  2. Remarkable do you use public transport or do you have a limousine driven by your chauffeur ?
    Please, please come to Earl’s Court🙂, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)

  3. Pippi – OK. OK. I give in! I will be hanging with Kenny’s posse at the show on Sunday. Any reader of Rem’s blog is very welcome come up and say, “Hi!”.

    The passphrase to say to Kenny, is “Oooh. Oooh. S-s-say Wham!” Then he will direct you to where I’m sitting.

    On Monday’s show, I will be with Julie Gonzalo (from Eli Stone) who is flying in to town just for the show. Look for where Kenny is sitting. Ms Gonzalo will be a few seats down, and I’ll be seated directly on her left. The passphrase for Monday is, “It could be the price of love, could be the price of hate. What do you think, Kenny?”

  4. Brilliant , thank you Remarkable…LOL
    By the way I am not an persistent character at all ,but I believe this might the only chance I have to come and say “Hi” to you ! I am a little bit shy though🙂 , I hate being so shy😦

  5. I have to memorize it : oooh. oooh. S-s-say Wham! Easy… LOL
    I like tolerant people like you!!! See you soon then!
    oooh. oooh. S-s…………………😉

  6. Pippi, if you’re with a friend, would you be able to ask them to film the whole thing (all you need is a mobile phone)? Only the bits where you talk to Kenny and Ms Gonzalo (we wouldn’t want to harm Rem’s privacy, would we?).

    Have fun darling – S-s-say Wham!

  7. Thanks MissFreek!!!
    My rehearsal will be held the day before G.M.’s performance LOL I have to practise…oooh.oooh.S-s-say Wahm….and the other one is ..it could be the price of …LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  8. thank you Remarkable:) , thank you GEORGE sweet ,omg…it was awesome …the best show ever , I didn’t want it to end …Fantasy…I coulnd’t believe he was doing it , I am so so so chuffed😉

  9. Remarkable, next time i go and see George live I want to sit next to you so nobody can tell me i cannot dance on upbeat George’s songs!😦 Please!!

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