George Michael To Change His Name To “G Micky”

Stop the press!  Stop the press! Singer George Michael is to change his name!!   An insider at Sony BMG was overheard talking at The Ivy restaurant in London this evening.  He said that George Michael has just delivered a new album to them, and they’ve signed a new one-album deal for it.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, the really interesting this is – he’s recorded it under a new name!   The Sony BMG exec said that, from now on (or at least, from when the publicity for the  album starts in November), George wants to be known as “G Micky”.

Apparently, to go along with the album there will be two new ranges of men’s clothes, consisting of zip-up pants and shirts, designed by G Micky himself. One is a high-end designer range; the other is highly affordable diffusion line, with the phrase “G Micky Lives!” displayed prominently on each item.  George has signed a lease on a flagship G Micky clothing store in New York which will stock the clothes, along with displaying a collection of contemporary British art.  G Micky has also created a woman’s fragrance, “G-Session” which it seems will be advertised by a naked Dita von Teese writhing around on a bed whispering that, “in between love, sex and madness lies G-Session”.

Well, well, well… Seems like the only thing George is retiring is his name.  You have to wonder where G Micky finds the time to fit it all in…

12 thoughts on “George Michael To Change His Name To “G Micky”

  1. Guess he has abandoned the shop in Highgate for a more cosmopolitan approach.

    And that publicity in November corresponds to the jump-starting of the interrupted US tour — this time in casinos in the Northeast! Great news!

  2. Wow, you’ve done it again. Do you work in the advertising-field, by any chance? Because that slogan for “G-Session” is just brilliant. I could actually see someone marketing a fragrance like that, Miss von Teese and all. Or is that an old ad that I’m too young to remember?

  3. Are you talking to me because I am not kidding !! We will getting it in September🙂😉

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