The World Says Goodbye To George Michael

George Michael, and his half-sister, Katriona Slatayiotou

George Michael, and his half-sister, Katriona Slatayiotou

Well, it’s finally arrived.  The last month of George Michael’s pop music career.  At the end of this month,  George Michael, superstar, will sign-out for the very last time.   So, George – everyone at Rem’s blog salutes you, sir! It’s been a blast!  From Wham! Rap!, his first ever single, in 1982, to Heal The Pain (featuring Paul McCartney), his last ever single, in 2008, George has provided the sound track to the lives of many, many people.

What’s next for George Michael?  Well, of course, he has to write his autobiography, From Wags To Bitches; and he will put in one last appearance in Season 2 of ABC drama, Eli Stone. Then, he will move on to new projects.  Projects where he very much takes a back seat, outside of the world of music.   There are rumours swirling that, along with his half-sister, Katriona, George will open a shop in Highgate village, selling various bits of tat (necklaces, silk scarves, decorative boxes) along with free leaflets that detail George’s political views on topics such as: rubbish collection; council tax; and urban regeneration for the 2012 London Olympics.  The current plan is that Katriona will work in the front of the shop, interactiing with customers; while George will work behind the scenes in the stock room, keeping everything organised.  During one of his community service stints, George found he has a natural talent for filing and organising things, so thinks the stock room could be a great place for him to work.  George’s sister Melanie, a former shop keeper herself, will advise on sales strategy, and where to put the leaflets.

Will we ever see another song that’s  written, arranged, produced and sung by George Michael?   Never say never; but possibly not. George’s fans need to prepare themselves for that fact that George may never record, perform or be seen in public ever again.   So, guys and girls, please make the most of August.  In a few weeks, it could all be over…

25 thoughts on “The World Says Goodbye To George Michael

  1. You ‘re being so brave about it all. But please, please call the Samaritans. I hear they ‘ve set up a special GM line in anticipation of George’s disappearance.

  2. Remarkable, you are absolutely brilliant! I dont know how you come up with this stuff, but it sure as hell puts a smile on my face! Keep up the great work!

    Oh yeah.. I’m sure they’ll scrap the DVD, but then one of his cousins will sell the footage on eBay…

  3. Remarkable, I almost had a heart attack by the tiltle!!! try to reread it again you’ll know why!

    anyway I don’t see him disappearing by any means, did you hear about the Copenhagen concert?

  4. The REALLY important question here is…is Jessie Wallace taller than George? Either she has very high heels on or George is slumping against the fence or…he’s WAY shorter than I thought he was? LOL!!! 😉

  5. @Pippi – LOL @ “don’t let him go away”. George will be back, I’m sure😉

    @Caff – I don’t know who Jessie Wallace is. The woman in the photo is Katriona Slatayiotou. She’s standing on a box – she’s only 5’1″. If she wasn’t on a box, that would make George about 4’7″😉

  6. Very clever piece. However, I’m sure George has much more music in him that he must produce to satisfy his soul’s needs – and that will pleasure his fans. He will present it in a manner that suits him,i.e that brings him happiness and contentment. He did recently say he would be back to America in a few years and will sing the music that is a little more self indulgent. Possibly, music more like that on his “Older” CD, which is my personal favorite. George has an incredible range and variety in the type of music he creates. I look forward to his next chapter. We are blessed to be the beneficiaries of his music. Sorry, I got a little carried away!

  7. I thought he had ambitions to be a fruit stall holder…specialising in melons?!!😉

  8. Dear Remarkable,

    don’t say shit please;)
    George alredy mention his new tour in 2-3 years (if you read recent interviews) and even in London in a few weeks he should play some new songs, and sure there are new records to come….
    I understand the bitterness of all what is happening, but we still don’t have REAL reasons to be SO sad.

  9. Don’t say shit?! LOL! Charming!

    No-one is sad! I am just saying – this is the end of an era. This is the last time you’re going to see George put on shows like the 25 Live show.

  10. No, Remarkable, no honey;)
    You never know first of all anyway.
    But for SURE and of course this is NOT the end of anything!!
    Don’t listen George, you can’t believe this guy;)
    He says many things;)…
    I don’t think that if he makes new show in two years……..this is going to look like what??? Like kinda ****, rubbish or what???;) Sure not….
    Man just a bit tired from touring, that is all;)

  11. LOL! You think George is ever going to spend $20+M on flashing lights again? Are you smoking crack?! The point of touring is to make money – not to lose it. You will never see this kind of show from George again.

  12. Remarkable: I agree with you, and in a way I’m glad to see the 25Live tour come to an end. It’s time for a new album, and much more intimate shows.. You know 4,000 people in classic theaters without the screens.

    BTW: Do you think they’ll sell the stages on eBay. I think I could fit one of the smaller ones in my yard!

  13. @Angelo

    I think it’s an open question as to whether George records more music in the near future. The truth is (and I think many of his fans simply don’t understand this) people like George Michael are driven by being successful, and by being widely recognized as being successful. To be recognized as being successful requires, amongst other things, earning large amounts of money; or, at the least, achieving high rates of pay. For someone like George, earning tens of millions of dollars in a year is what success looks like; or millions of dollars for a couple of hours work. It’s not because he needs the money (although, he does, because art collecting is just about the most expensive hobby around), but because money is a widely used measure of success.

    George knows he can no longer sell the volume of records that he used to; and so can’t make serious money from records. In other words, his record sales are on the decline. That’s why he’s spoken so much about giving up making albums. Now, if he thinks he can find a way to make an album that will sell well, then perhaps he might try again. However, there are so many other things he could do in music where success is measured differently (and where you get paid differently). For example, writing music for film scores, where success is measured by winning an Oscar etc. Or writing a Westend/Broadway musical, where success is measured by selling tickets to see the show. Or, as he as already done, charging huge amounts of money to play private shows for billionaires. Or doing some kind of TV show where success is measured in viewers, and by how much he gets paid to do the show.

    Of course, touring is a great way of to make money too – but the 25 Live show has ended up being too expensive to produce, compared to the ticket prices he could charge. So, if he tours again, things will have to look very different. Possibly still arenas (if not stadia), but with much lower production costs, so profits from shows are much higher.

  14. George has already stated that he didn’t make money on this 25 live tour because of the cost involved. That said, I don’t really think that George is all about money. He truly is a musician and will find a way (I am hoping) to bring good music back into our lives. His comment of coming back to America in two or three years is something to look forward to (although he does change his mind like he changes his clothes).

  15. Anyone who thinks George didn’t make money on this tour is nuts! He may not have made as much as others who tour, due to production costs, but he didn’t spend $2 million on art last year without having made money and a lot of it. People work to make money — (cuz’ it’s everything they want,coincidentally) — and George is no different.

    By the way, he deserves every bit he has earned.

  16. We will see how next George’s great show going to look like, how much it cost…..and then we will be able to see who REALLY smoke crack here;)

    Only time will show….

    Besides it’s a bit naive to say things that you say, George is not greedy and THE MOST expensive vid or millions spending on flashing lights (how you call), never been an issue, and I think never will be;)

    So for the moment his expenses on his production only growing, you know such word as tendency…..besides it’s common tendency too… associates himself only with TOP quality and he never did something chip and bad looking to his fans…..

    So I don’t worry….his show supposed to be only better…..with each time…..also a tendency……..

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