25 Live DVD – To Be Or Not To Be?

So about this all-new extra 25 Live gig – The Final One.  You know, the one that’s after that previously announced supposedly “last ever” big flashing lights concerts that George Michael would ever perform.   It’s upset a lot of people who were making a real effort to support George and go to his “historic” last shows.    What’s the reason for the extra gig?

Well, according to George’s manager, Andy “Slight Smell of Piss” Stephens, they needed an extra day’s filming.   FOR WHAT?! LOL!   I hope no-one in George’s camp is labouring under the misapprehension that George will actually release a 25 Live DVD/Blu-ray Disc.  Surely, they haven’t forgotten that some of the shows on the European leg of the tour were previously filmed for a live DVD, which was then scrapped?

Here’s how this will play out…

  1. Shows will be filmed, as planned
  2. George will look at the footage and say – It’s OK, but I don’t like how I sound.  I will re-record all the vocals in the studio.  Then, we can dub them over the top.
  3. George will look at the revised footage and say – It’s OK, but I don’t like how I look.  We will set up the stage in an aircraft hanger somewhere, and re-film it privately, so I can look my best.  Then, I’ll record new vocals again in the studio for the new footage, and we can dub them over the top
  4. George will look at the new version of the “live” show, and say – You know what?  I think there’s something missing – it all looks a bit sanitized and dull. I just don’t think live DVDs ever capture the atmosphere of live shows.  I’ve never liked them – and this film, in particular, looks and sounds nothing like the live show! I don’t know what the fucking idiots who filmed this were on – how could they fuck it up so badly? OK, I’ve made a decision – we’re scrapping the project. No 25 Live DVD.

There you have it, folks😉

Joking aside though – hopefully everyone will enjoy those final shows in London.  They will still be very special shows – they’re the last ones in his home town… until he announces his surprise “Christmas 2008” shows, that is…  Oops…  I shouldn’t have said that… Please forget I said anything…

10 thoughts on “25 Live DVD – To Be Or Not To Be?

  1. ROTFL…Remarkable…thou art truly The Wise One!😉

    I’m sure this is EXACTLY what will happen with the ’25LIVE’ DVD…as Cala said on the OF…we can put it up there with the ‘Wham:The Final’ DVD…they will make a nice couple of bookends!! LOL!!

  2. Yeah, did anyone actually read the first page in the US tourbook, where he tells fans to ignore the rubbish he says about never touring again… or the fact that the end of each live show this year, ends with a “See you soon”… not to mention what all the good folks on tour have been saying the last couple of weeks..

  3. Ha ha! I guess it’s in George Michael’s nature to keep us guessing and be full of contradictions. Will he or will he not have his autobiography published? Will he or will he not embark on a smaller scale series of performances in a few years? I feel that the live DVD will be a montage of the various countries, with an emphasis on The Final in Denmark. And yeah, a lot of it will be re-dubbed as you said. On another note, for someone who claims to not like touring, he’s certainly done his fair share of it these last few years. He also claims to hate doing interviews, but from what I can tell, he can’t stop talking and seems to have a lot to say. At least a couple of journalists have remarked on his diarrhea of the mouth!

  4. If there is no official DVD, fans will help themselves. It has always been like that.😉

  5. @Doggie Lover…

    Contract? But…George specialises is getting OUT of contracts?! LOL!🙂

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