George On Good Morning America – Wed, Thur and Fri

Just to let everyone know, George Michael and the world’s leading George Michael blogger, Remarkable, will be featured on ABC’s Good Morning America today (Wednesday), Thursday and Friday.  Expect George to talk about “the usual load of old rubbish” in a pre-recorded interview with Chris Cuomo.

Update 1: Remarkable has asked that his segments be cut, in order to make room to feature even more George.  No need to thank him!  As a result, you can see George on Wed at 8.05am, Thur 8.15am, and Fri 8.30am (all times Eastern Time, and subject to last-minute change).  Obviously, George won’t be watching himself, because he’s still snoring loudly at that time in the morning – so be sure to let him know how you think it went in the comments.

Update 2: Wednesday’s “astonishing and frank” segment is now on the GMA web-site.

9 thoughts on “George On Good Morning America – Wed, Thur and Fri

  1. George snoring? LOL!
    As I heard, he couldn’t sleep because he has a bad conscience that the *world’s famous GM blogger* had cut out all his scenes….😉

    Prerecorded, you say? Next times he sends out his doubles for a diversion before he goes shopping for Häagen dazs at the Off-licence..

  2. Funny stuff. The interviewer asked, “If you could talk to George Michael in 1990, what would you tell him now”?

    George replied, “I’d say God, you’re going to get fat”.

  3. Please , please George sing Fantasy at the Madison Square Garden tonight Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

  4. Wow, they already talked about his outing, his arrests, his drugs, grief and depression in the very first part! Now, I wonder what they had left over for the other two parts? Talk about how he wrote “Careless Wisper”?

    How generous of you Remarkable, to make room for George. I’m sure your segments were… remarkable😉

  5. @Pippi– he sang “Fantasy” right before Freedom in Montreal last Friday. He started at 8:15 and crammed in a couple of extra songs. I never thought I would see anything better than Nov 2006 at Earl’s Court, but this was better! Dance moves galore!

    I remain shocked at how well the US press is treating him; I think it is because he owns up to everything prior to them asking it!

  6. I like it “the usual load of old rubbish”.

    George always says old stuff and at least half of this is lies, as always;)

  7. Yes, it was astonishing and frank. *yawn* He said that women like him even though he’s gay because he understands them (unfortunately). I’m trying to decide if women should be offended by that statement.

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