George Michael – Fantasy!

Surprise!  George Michael has performed a song on his 25 Live US tour that he hadn’t sung live until the Vancouver show a couple of days ago. It’s an old song called Fantasy.  Enjoy part of it, thanks to f13dfx!

So great to see George singing songs of his that he’s never performed live before.  Fabulous stuff! Who knows, now that he’s done Fantasy, he might even consider singing Happy?  Hey George, hey what’ve you got to lose?

36 thoughts on “George Michael – Fantasy!

  1. Thank you , thank you , hope he sings it at the Madison Square Garden too, i’will be there , yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  2. Seriously, why didn’t he sing Monkey instead? At least it wasn’t a B-side.

  3. I am so glad he sang FANTASY and hope he keeps it in the setlist. It’s not a very well known song and as far as I know, he never played it on any tour before. So it’s a good choice for him (a refreshing change) and us (something new).

  4. Fantasy is cool. So happy that he chose to sing it , keep it George , keep it in your list , pleaseeeee!!!

  5. I never liked Happy… As for Fantasy, oh, God, I used to love it but now… OK, it still sounds good but parts of it are rather immature, aren’t they? I mean lyrically… but hey, I don’t expect anyone, not even George, to be concerned with such details…

  6. I thought Happy was a kinda cool song! Another way to take this new direction would be for him to perform unreleased songs… my vote is hereby cast for George sing the much talked-about, but never-released Wham! song, WhamShake! at some point on this tour😉

  7. My vote is for George to go to his vault of unreleased songs and make his own selection — then to tell us, along with any psychologists who happen to be in the audience, about why he selected this unreleased version!

  8. @Remarkable

    What’s that famous saying, “De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum”? …

    …though if you ask me, discussing and exploring tastes dialectically is one of the best ways to refine one’s aesthetic understanding…

    Unreleased songs you say… now that’s stretching it!

  9. @ Amazone

    So you don’t like Faith? … Interesting… I love rock’ n roll so I kinda like it… even though the lyrics… oh, no, no, no… I won’t be deconstructing just now… too d@mn hot where I am…

  10. It can’t possibly be hotter than here… To give you an idea, clothes have become redundant.

    So, yeah, unreleased stuff… Remarkable, I ‘d be very careful if I were you, you could get sued for suggesting it!

  11. Julie, he didn’t chose Monkey instead because he likes that Monkey on his back…..or should I say he likes to be on his back! LOL!

  12. Amazon, I think Fantasy is kind of a mean song too. I mean I LOVED it as a kid because I loved the sound and I didn’t much really listen to the lyrics. But now that I’m older…..the lyrics are kind of mean really!

  13. Fantasy is a good choice in my ears.🙂

    George should do a rotating of one or two songs per concert. If someone edits all those live performances together (from the clips posted on Youtube), you would get a phantastic concert.

  14. Fantasy remix on the Outside single was great, allthough these trumpets can become too much. But great lyrics and tempo. Happy was propably my least favorite GM song in his adult life, although I hope HE WILL ALWAYS be HAPPY!!! Very important!

    I loved Crazyman Dance, It sounded so cool, the siren and stuff. Do you really want to know was good (revealing?). He should add these songs on a second cd and sell put it on Listen Without prejudice when it becomes 20 (2010). I would buy it. VOL 1 is one of my top 5 cd’s ever among Achtung Baby, Ok Computer and more…

  15. Surprise Surprise! (In Gomer Pile voice)

    Fantasy is back in the set list in Houston! I wonder why?! LMAO *raises hand* Ooh Ooh! I know! I know!

  16. Good! I hope he finds “another fantasy”! But as Madonna has once said, ‘She’s Not Me’! Anyway, it is no fun just being someone’s fantasy because it isn’t REAL!

  17. He sang it in Houston and I nearly died… it was easily the funkiest performance I’ve ever seen him do… he was totally into it, and so was I!

    It had everyone moving — even that boring lot who normally just sit there (you know, the Dr. Phil types) — and was a tremendously welcome surprise.

    The best bit was at the end when he pretended to collapse on the stage and pant like a dog… “I love that song, but it fucking wears me out!”🙂

    ‘Fantastic” song choice.

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  19. Seems like George smoked a bit much weed because he says on the fact he smiled a lot: “It’s the weed!”

    Really hope he sings Happy in London!
    At least there is a video now:

  20. I wish I hadn’t just watched that. Not sure if I can listen to that song ever again!

  21. Looks like the Happy was taken off the Youtube. I didn’t get a chance to see it.

  22. George snoring? LOL!
    As I heard, he couldn’t sleep because he has a bad conscience that the *world’s famous GM blogger* had cut out all his scenes….😉

    Prerecorded, you say? Next times he sends out his doubles for a diversion before he goes shopping for Häagen dazs at the Off-licence……

  23. Remarkable,
    You should update this to show the version of Fantasy from NYC. Very very hot!!!!!!!!

  24. I like fantasy..sounds like it would have been on listen without prejudice vol 11 if GM had ever finished it. I know george struggles to sing this one live and it will be interesting to see if he performs this at earls court..

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