Is Donna Noble The Master?

Is Donna Noble, The Master?   It’s a tough one to call.  The evidence is slight. For sure, though, I think Donna is a Time Lord.  At least, she was a Time Lord.  At this moment, she’s human.  Just like John Smith was human… if you get my meaning.   In a few days, she will become a Time Lord again.

So, why do I say she’s a Time Lord?   First, the surname.  Noble.  As in Lord.  And then, the compelling evidence. We know that Time Lords have two hearts.   In the Shadow of Proclamation, Donna was day-dreaming, and she could hear her own heart beating.  So could we.  It was two hearts beating, not one.  There have been other clues suggesting that Donna will change somehow, but it’s the two heartbeats that tell us what she will change into.

Why would Donna be The Master, though?  As I say, the evidence is slight.   It’s this: Dalek Caan, although mad, always speaks the truth.   When the TARDIS arrived at the Earth’s new position, Dalek Caan said, “The Dark Lord is here.”  People took this as a reference to the Dr.  But that makes no sense.    It makes more sense if it refers to The Master.   We know that only two people arrived:  The Dr, and Donna Noble.   So, Dalek Caan could have been talking about Donna.  And then, there’s the ring.  The Master had a ring.  Dona has a ring – or rather, she has a ring, covered by black plastic, so we can’t see what the ring is. Watch out for the Master’s ring, on Saturday.   How will Donna’s change be triggered and her “inner Time Lord released”?  Perhaps by using The Osterhagen key.

And then… is there still something on her back?  Not long to find out…

23 thoughts on “Is Donna Noble The Master?

  1. All I can say about this theory is: beware people, after hearing/reading it, you might end up having the worst nightmare of your life… And you won’t have any control over your actions. None whatsoever.

  2. Aha – interesting. And, yes, John Simm is the actor that plays The Master. However, I did actually mean John SMITH. John Smith was the name the Dr took when he became human, to hide his true Time Lord form.

    Please see Wikipedia for more details…

  3. Sorry for not being so anal. I did think that but couldn’t be bothered to Google it. *grin*

  4. Rem, what’s your comment upon last week’s Davaros’s statement: “The Daleks are Remarkable’s creatures.” ??

  5. Davros, like Dalek Caan, always speaks the truth. I cannot deny, Skaro is my home.

    But hark, I hear Dalek Caan speaking. He says the Dark Lord has come, and the the three-fold man is coming in about three hours.

    My own prediction for the three-fold man? David Tennant, Peter Davidson, and Sylvester McCoy.

  6. Tell you what. You’re right. I’m wrong. I’m not into that much. Just enough to follow the plot.

  7. LOL, Moog! True. But then, it turns out I was wrong in the detail of predictions! Donna not The Master; and becomes only *part* Time Lord.

    And now… it’s over. Doctor-Donna done.

  8. If you recall the last episode with the master, when he was burned in the funeral pyre. His ring fell to the ground and was picked up by a womans hand. Donna Noble maybe. What if he had used the transference device to place his conscience in the ring. The true owner of the device just thinks whatever his conscience is placed into is broken. (note taped ring) But have we ever seen a time lord change gender? Or can his conscience be absorbed by a human and turn that human into a time lord if the true timelord were to die while transformed into a human. I believe we will be seeing Donna Noble again after this season.

  9. Look at the short of her on the phone right at the end in Journey’s End….theres a close up of her face and also a RING that Twinkles …. hmmmmmm

  10. u guy r idiots

    think about it

    at the begging of season 3 the doctor meet donna but he only meet her again in the begging of season 4 and the master regenerated the end of season 3 so donna could not be the master as we meet her before the master regenarated but she might be the guardian of the ring or the rani

    the only way she could be the master is if she traveled back in time by mistake after she/he (the master) regenerated to the time just beffore we met donna

    but we definatly have not seen the last of donna #
    hope it made sence 2 u but it did 2 me

  11. Charming entree, miles! Same to you *rollingeyes*

    As for your humble predictions, we shall hold our breath (not).

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Why did Lucy shoot The master at the end of “The last of the time lord”? becuase it was part of the masters plan, he wanted to die so he wouldnt be imprizoned! the doctor said to the master “if theres one thing you cant do, its let yourself die” the master refused to regenerate, therefore he OBVIOUSLY has a plan to come back. Even BEFORE the episode of someone on her back, there was something on her back haha, and after it was removed there was something on donna’s back, so thats got to be something……one thing i found suspicious (which im pretty sure is connected to the master) is when the subwave network FIRST contacted torchwood, …the Masters signal sounded those four beats all equally distance from eachother 4 beats…think its a bit odd, but everytime i hear 4 consecutive beats i think of the master haha,

    Donna’s ring, is ALWAYS shown, why would they purposly show that green-ring!? becuase it has a purpose, ….also, The green ring on her hand turned BLACK after she became a timelord (really dont know what that means, but hey, a green ring turning black is a bit odd) but when the doctor removed the time lord power from her the ring went back to green

  13. Also, i have seened “The last of the time lords” OVER AND OVER AND OVER on DVD, and i gotta say, i have NEVER seen what some of you mentioned of the masters ring being picked up by a female hand, i have NEVER seen that on the DVD!

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