George Michael Takes The Piss Out Of Dr Phil

Now, this is funny…  Last night, on his birthday, George Michael played a show in LA as part of his 25 Live US tour.   Everyone had a great time (see this fabulous review for details of the show).  Well, I say “everyone”.  Actually, I mean everyone except celebrity “doctor”, Dr Phil.   George singled him out to the audience for being a miserable bastard.  And quite right too!  Have a look for yourself what happened in the video clip below…

Truly hilarious!  I especially loved how he laughed, “I probably shouldn’t do this, it’s very mean!” and then did it anyway! LMAO! Good to see George was one great form for his birthday.  He even joined in with the singing of Happy Birthday, singing “Happeeeeeeeee Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” at the end.

As a side-note, you may have wondered whether George can see your faces if you’re near the front of one of his shows.   Well, now you have your answer…

27 thoughts on “George Michael Takes The Piss Out Of Dr Phil

  1. Can anybody please enlighten me who this Dr Phil is? lol

    I’m from Neverneverland, there’s no information about such a thing or person😉

  2. I could’nt believe what happened I kept telling myself “no, this is a dream” this is very rude of G. Michael, and as a fan I truly feel disgusted!!! how could he insult someone who paid their money to see him? think about it, it’s very rude of him.

    or maybe he should just stop doing drugs, really

  3. “how could he insult someone who paid their money to see him? ”

    I doubt very much if he paid to get in.
    Thats just for the mugs.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. @Caramella,

    Or maybe, Dr Phil should just stop being a miserable fucker, really! But seriously, George was just taking the piss. No need to be “disgusted”.

  5. Glad you asked that question Knobby!!!
    I didn’t know who Dr Phil was, either🙂

  6. Was it preemptive obedience to prevent Dr Phil visiting George when he should be in hospital (thinking of the Britney Spears ‘intervention’)?😀

    I think Dr Phil should treat Marcelo Üffenwanken for his “humiliation, mental anguish, emotional and physical distress” – they would be a good couple, don’t you think?😉

    Really, as a studied psychologist (without license lol) Dr Phil knows how people with certain problems act, and he uses that as a businessman, but not a doctor who is trying to help his patients. People who have problems in or with their relationship are open to books that presumedly give them advice on how to ‘treat’ their problems. Hence the commercial success in selling books about Love & Life (partly with other people’s ideas) or ineffective weight loss products. In this regard, I think George did the right thing.

  7. Kind of seemed he was on something there. Not saying he was…just my opinion.

  8. @Remarkable,

    thanks alot, you have the power to show me the bright side of the things that take me down😀

  9. @Amazone – where you at the concert?

    I just had an idea to write a Belly Bump Tremolo and rehearse it with George until it can be released as a single. We would certainly have lots of fun, laughes and eventually get a relaxed athmosphere.

    I didn’t look like George was on drugs during the concert; when he even tells the fans that “this would be mean” it is clear that he’s aware of the consequences.

    However, I think George could be more resistant against covering the newspaper frontpages when he pokes fun at others.😉

  10. @Gabi – which part of “it’s a joke” don’t you understand about all this? What on earth is there to be disappointed in?

  11. OMG….It is clear it is a joke, poor George😦 he is so often misunderstood !!! I understand him🙂. Come on!!!

  12. Hem… long time didn’t see George “in action”… isn’t he quite feminine though? Hem… wonder if he or Kenny is the passive partner… sorry for my pervert interest, taking words back!

    What about Dr Phil, I think neither him nor George are “clean” in this sphere so… let them piss out of each other! Tomorrow Dr Phil will do worse back, then George again, then… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Live in peace guys!

  13. LMAO Gabi! In 25 years, taking the piss out of miserable fuckers is the “worst” thing George has ever done in your eyes?

    Not sure how to define you, Gabi. I’m torn between plain idiot and bizarre dimwit…

  14. I was at the concert, and the remark George made about Dr. Phil was hilarious. What’s funny is that as soon as George said Dr. Phil was in the crowd, everyone started booing. Dr. Phil is an a-hole and I’m glad George called him out on his miserableness.

  15. Clearly it was a joke people. Lighten up. It was all in good fun and not mean at all. But seriously, who wants a pokerface sitting there staring at you like he’s at a funeral while you are having fun at a concert. It’s good George called him out for it.

  16. I was at Wal-mart in line and I saw a paper near the checkouts and it said, “Dr. Phil’s wife to divorce”!😮 Maybe it had something to do with the concert! HAHAHAHA! NOT! Probably because he is an arse!

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