Thom Yorke Was Nasty About George Michael

First it was those idiotic cream-tea-eaters, Muse. Now it’s Radiohead. It seems that Thom Yorke of Radiohead has been nasty about George Michael.  I have no idea what Yorke said, but I doubt it was anything particularly interesting.  Why? Well, it turns out that Thom Yorke, like Muse, is a fucking scone-muncher.

This fact in itself speaks volumes about his sub-human levels of intelligence. Yorke was brought up near the world-renowned University city of Oxford; and yet he chose to go to Devon to study for a vapid degree in scone-munching.

The similarities between Muse and Yorke don’t end there. Yorke, like Muse, has what are some frankly idiotic views on life. While Muse believe in UFOs, Thom Yorke has an irrational phobia of cars… writings “songs” such as Airbag, “Killer Cars”, “Stupid Car” and “The Drunkk Machine”.

Will the world never be rid of scone-munchers like this?  They’re starting to give clotted cream a bad name…

NB Radiohead fans should ignore this post.  Firstly, you will do Thom Yorke and Radiotwat no favours by rushing to support your heroes;  and secondly, I have zero interest in your “opinions”. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

22 thoughts on “Thom Yorke Was Nasty About George Michael

  1. Right, well, so I ‘m not a fan of Radiohead in the classic sense but the man is hugely talented and anyone who can’t see that… well, it may say something about there IQ…! And George seems to agree with me judging by this quote of his. And I happen to agree with him about melody.

    By the way, what is it about scones that disgusts you so much? Are you sure noone in your family loves/loved scones? Unless it is some kind of a slang term I don’t know about..?

  2. As for Muse, didn’t George once say in an interview he was a fan? And hasn’t George been nasty to people in the business too at times? Gary Barlow anyone…?

  3. Calliope Iris – you might (or might not!) be making the mistake of thinking I’m taking this at all seriously. Other than amusing me a little on occasion, there’s nothing that Thom Yorke could say that would be of any interest to me. I presume that he has a Napoleon complex, or some such condition.

    Having said that I’m just playing here, though, I genuinely don’t think either Muse or RadioHead are particularly great bands. In fact, Muse are universally awful. I will grant you, though, that RadioHead have recorded a few good tracks e.g. “Creep” is a great pop song. However, in general, RadioHead’s output is more than a little pedestrian, both musically and lyrically. They are just plain dull. One could argue, then, that their great songs are the exception rather than the rule… in the same way that Gary Barlow has written a couple of good songs, such as “Back For Good” or “Rule The World”, but in general, he’s a bit crap.

    I don’t mind whether George is a fan of Muse/RadioHead or not, by the way He’s a fan of Joy Division too (or at least, he’s a fan of half of one of their two albums). Each to their own, I guess. FWIW, I think Joy Division were even worse than Muse.

    As for scones… They don’t disturb me at all. In fact, they are quite delicious when taken in moderation. You see, it’s not scones themselves that are bad. Rather, it’s the scone-munchers

  4. Why was I under the impression that you do take some things personally or seriously..? But hey, even better if you truly don’t.

    No, I was not suggesting that you should mind whether George is fan of any band or not but for some reason you choose to bash people who have spoken out against him with alarming frequency. But again, whatever.

    So glad to see that you like some of Gary’s stuff!
    {no, seriously, me too}

    Anyway, thank you for the reply. And before you ask, no, I don’t think you have a Remarkable complex. Surely not. You ‘re just Remarkably complex!😉

  5. hey guys, I read somewhere (long ago) that George Michael felt so bad for slaging Gary Barlow (because George is or maybe was in this case Gary’s childhood hero)and that he would like to (apologise for the slag) something like that, I can’t remember exactly what he said

  6. Yes, I remember it too🙂, I think he then did apologize !!! Sweet George😉

  7. First of all, it’s, ‘Radiohead’ (note spelling). Second, to say that Thom Yorke has a ‘subhuman level of intelligence’ is one of the most subhuman intelligent statements I’ve ever heard.

  8. Hi Sara, just wondering – did you miss the bit of the post that reads “NB RadioHead fans should ignore this post”?

    By the way, you should pick up Radiohead on the “spelling” of their name, not me. They seem to write their name RADIOHEAD at the moment… or even “RA D IOHE_A D”


  9. So, what was your intent with this blog? personally, it seems you wished to piss people off. I’m not a radiohead fan in the least, but what is your basis for saying Thom Yorke has ‘sub-human intelligence’? Do you know him? No, didn’t think so. Then clearly you haven’t a clue how clever he is.
    And muse, universally awful? Ha, did you hear when your hero George Michael didn’t even sell out one night of the new Wembley Stadium? And muse…two consecutive nights, completely sold out. It’s fair enough you saying they’re awful, but when you imply alot of the world hate them, eg ‘universally’, it’s just kinda untrue really.
    Finally, what is your obsession with the phrase ‘scone-munchers’?! It’s not even an insult, it’s literally someone he eats scones. Is it some sort of Anti-British taunt? I just got really confused by that.

  10. How about stop spelling “Radiohead” with a capital fucking H!

  11. Thom Yorke may have “subhuman intelligence”, but he happens to be one of the most revered musicians of the past twenty years. I could go into detail why, but I doubt you’d understand.

    Basing your music taste on what George Michael likes, who he slags off and who slags him off isn’t a good idea, I’m afraid. It makes you a tedious person for a start, but also prompts people to wonder whether you have the knowledge to back up your arguments, which you clearly don’t by this.

    Also, judging someone by where they’re from and where they go to study doesn’t make you popular either. Neither does telling everyone you have no interest in their opinions, whilst using the condescending speech marks.

    Remarkable, why don’t you write about something of use and interest to people? You must be pretty desperate for readers if you’re having to rely on this material.

  12. Hey Mark,

    Welcome! Did you miss the part of the text that said, “NB Radiohead fans should ignore this post…”? Never mind – thanks for your comment anyway. I’m glad you think that Thom may have subhuman levels of intelligence. He’d be delighted to hear that’s what his admirers think of him. I’m very sorry, though, that you find my post, and indeed me as a person, so tedious. As I’m sure you can imagine, your opinions really matter to me.

    Having said that, despite being pleased to welcome you here, I do wonder if you might find it useful to reflect on why you felt the need, in 2011, to join in with a such a dull discussion from 2008. Spending your time reading and responding to old opinion/news pieces that you find dull somehow doesn’t seem like a good use of your valuable time.

  13. Hey Remarkable,

    Thanks for your warm welcome. Where does it say I’m a Radiohead admirer/fan? Where does it say that “I think” Thom Yorke has subhuman levels of intelligence? Never mind.

    I just stumbled across this piece and couldn’t really understand why the writer (who is clearly intelligent) was stooping to winding up his audience, before belittling them with his comments. The whole if-you-don’t-agree-with-me-I-don’t-give-a-shit-and-your-opinion-means-nothing mentality is a bit odd too.

    Perhaps you could shed some light?

  14. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your reply. If you’d care to spent a few seconds re-reading your original comment, I feel sure some of your questions will answer themselves quite easily. For example, my assertion that your opinion is that, Thom “may have subhuman levels of intelligence” was effectively just re-stating what you wrote originally: “Thom Yorke may have ‘subhuman intelligence’, but…”

    One of the points you raise is due to a simple misreading of my comment. You said that my mentality is that “if-you-don’t-agree-with-me-I-don’t-give-a-shit-and-your-opinion-means-nothing”. That’s not the case. In fact, I clearly wrote something pretty close to being the exact opposite of that.

    Finally, as to why I wrote the piece in the first place. It was simply a light-hearted reporting of a piece of… well… news is possibly a little too strong a word for it. However, you get the idea.

    The truth is that Thom Yorke just isn’t really very bright. That not a crime, of course. I thought it was worth mentioning, though, in order to help put his comments in their proper context.

  15. Lol, I don’t understand what all the fuss about Thom Yorke is.. I just goggled his name and found this video.. it’s kind of funny how bad musicians give themselves so much self-importance.. a 12 year-old could have done this better.

  16. I stumbled upon this and just wanted to thank you for using the term ‘scone muncher’. Love it. Cracked me up.

  17. I stumbled onto this too I did! I don’t care what your purpose was for this blog is, it’s funny and sticks it quite nicely to the one-eyed fans of people such as Thom Yorke who thinks he’s the greatest thing in Rock and Roll since…since…probably Britney Spears if their sub-human mentallity’s anything to go by.
    Good Stuff

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