George Michael – You The Man, God Damn

You gotta get up to get down, doncha think?  If so, here  (via soulpatrol120) from the recent George Michael 25Live show in San Jose, is the now famous Fast Love Part 2 / I’m Your Man “teese”, with George saying, “You didn’t think I’d do that to you, did you?” before leading into the the crowd-pleaser that is the original Wham! version of I’m Your Man

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ abaht…

6 thoughts on “George Michael – You The Man, God Damn

  1. Please, George, I beg you not to eat the tomatoes!!! People in the States are still getting Salmonella from them, and I don’t want you getting sick before I get to see you in concert for the first time! Just say no!!!

  2. Wow! Mr Lee McQueen’s in da house! I wonder if Sir Alan will be next…😉

  3. Remarkable, I’m so disappointed😦 it seams that this US tour is not going well!!! promoters are trying to fill seats for the Los Angeles shows because the shows are less than half sold out! soooooooo wierd the tour was huge everywhere, but not in America😦

    Remarkable, would you please talk to me… oh, I think I need a shoulder to cry on

  4. Caramella, the tour is going just fine. Don’t worry about sales – the US leg of the tour isn’t about ticket sales. George was never going to sell as many tickets in the US and he did in the rest of the world, even if all the shows on the US tour were sell-outs.

    It’s much more about connecting with the fans in the US that have stood by him all these years.

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