George Michael Confused By Eli Stone – NOT!

The LA Times quotes George Michael as saying he is “confused” by Eli Stone.  George said,

The ‘Eli Stone’ thing for me is very confusing. Initially it was just this 13-week period and I found it almost impossible to say no to it, just because it was so complimentary to place that much music of mine in it. And I was so enamored of [series creator] Greg Berlanti. He’s so sweet and has such a responsible attitude to making television. There’s nothing gratuitous about it; it’s all very positive. But now, because I see this whole tour as a kind of wrap-up, I’m a bit conflicted about doing more. There’s already a delay period because it hasn’t been shown in Europe yet. And it’s been renewed. So we now have to have a meeting about the second half of it; I have to decide what my involvement would be.

Did George really say this?  It sounds like bollocks to me. As far as I’m aware, he’s looking forward to taking part in the second season of Eli Stone; and the producers are looking forward to having him back on the show.

3 thoughts on “George Michael Confused By Eli Stone – NOT!

  1. I don’t know much about Eli cause I haven’t watched any episodes online. I ‘ve read a synopsis of the show but I didn’t feel drawn to it at all. Nothing to learn from it either. But I can see why some people find it appealing. As for George’s performance, haven’t seen it so I can’t really comment on that.Generally speaking though, I ‘m not sure I enjoy watching celebrities play themselves in fictional surroundings, it kinda brings you back into the reality of things whereas a show like this needs to take you into its own fictional world.

    I wouldn’t be surproised if he did feel confused about it though… in the sense that if he is really looking for a quieter life, that’s not the way to go about it. But to be honest, he always changes his mind about things especially this kind of things.

  2. Remmy…an old hand like you should know by now…George is ALWAYS confused!! 😉

    Any news about when/if this will be shown in the UK would be gratefully received? 🙂

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