George Michael – Snatching Victory…

So.  George Michael.  On tour in the US for the first time in seventeen years.  The opener was last night in San Diego. How would he be received by the press and the non-hardcore-fan members of the audience?  Like a has-been?  A cheesy 80s nostalgia play?  It seems not!  People are really “getting it” because they’re finally being given the opportunity to see what everyone in the “rest of the world” already knows – that pop stars don’t come much finer than George Michael.

Look for the snow-ball to start rolling from here.   Word-of-mouth is the best way to build momentum, and it starts right here, right now

6 thoughts on “George Michael – Snatching Victory…

  1. just got home from work and read three or four reviews — all of which were extremely positive! Different songs, can’t say I necessarily prefer them, but I am hopeful they will change over time. A small (7000 reported) audience but an extremely supportive one. To get a positive review from Rolling Stone is significant to my way of thinking!

    How right you are about word of mouth!

  2. The San Diego show was amazing. My friend who went with me is only a casual GM fan, and he was very, very impressed. I also heard another attendant who got tickets for free at the last minute, that he’d never seen such an enthusiastic crowd — and he’d seen dozens of acts from that arena. George looked good, but you could tell he was a little nervous. Could he pull it off in America? Well, he did. He went the extra mile and completely revamped the visuals, added more Faith-era songs, cut out some Older-era songs (Older did not sell well in the states), an also performed Feeling Good, A Different Corner, I’m Your Man. It was a more balanced, retrospective show — and all the stronger for it. Can’t wait to see him again in Chicago. HOpefully now that he knows America still embraces him, he can relax and enjoy himself just as we are enjoying him.

  3. I have never heard him singing ” Kissing a Fool ” live
    and so glad that He included the beautiful” One More Try “in the list, not to talk about the extended version of ” Fast Luv ” !! Madison Square Garden is going to be two nights to remember🙂

  4. He’s looking well isn’t he!🙂 The one thing I couldn’t help noticing…he does sweat easily doesn’t he, bless him! Even as he walked out to meet the journalists, he had to wipe his hand on his trousers before he shook hands. Nerves? Just because he’s a bloke? Of course I have no idea how hot it was in San Diego that day…probably a bloody sight warmer than here anyway!🙂

    Anyhoo…the reviews all look good so far…the one thing no-one can critisise is the music and the voice!🙂

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