What They Spent George’s Money On

Don’t you just love village festivals?!  Of course you do.  As events go, things just don’t come much more exciting and enjoyable than a village festival.  Well, I have good news for you! The leafy village of Highgate in London, home to one George Michael, is having its annual festival on the weekend after next (June 21).

Now, some say that they lower the tone of the neighbourhood.  But what’s wrong with that?  It makes real estate more affordable. There’s a fab end-terrace for sale on a lovely road in Highgate at the moment.  It’s only £6M, now that the festival is “bigger and ‘better’ than ever” this year. It has some of the best views out of the back bedroom window in the whole of London, and a garden that’s totally not overlooked.  It does need a bit of work doing on it.  However, I’ve been told there’s a nice gay couple living a couple of doors down in one of the mid-terraces, that like painting and stuff.  So, they could probably help with the decorating. I can’t deny. I’m sorely tempted.

But I digress. The festival organizers asked George to dip his hand in his pockets to help with their goal to make this year’s fun and frolics bigger and better.   Being the generous soul that he is, George was happy to help.  Well happyish.  Well, let’s say he didn’t mind helping (too much).  So, what new attractions has his money bought for Highgate?  Here’s the list: a “kids corner” (sic); a steel band; belly dancer; and amateur poets doing readings of their work.

Sounds unmissible.  So, I called George up and, after we’d both agreed that village festivals were our favourite things EVER, I asked him if he’d be attending.  He said that he’d love to have gone, but unfortunately, he would be playing a show in Las Vegas that day, so couldn’t make it.   I have to say, it’s a great excuse, because he really is playing Vegas that day.  Bastard!

Sniggering a little, George then turned the question back on me.   I replied that it all sounds totally amazing, and that of course, I’d really,really love to go because it would be worth it for the poetry readings alone, but errr… errrr… errr… but… err.. I have to  errr…

Then I put the phone down and booked a flight to Vegas.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

[More details in the CamdenNewJournal]

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