Stay Tuned At 11am On The 11th

In a surprise move, George Michael’s official web-site has decided to provide an update in advance of something happening…

It’s one year to the day that George Michael took the stage at the new Wembley Stadium. Hundreds of thousands of fans played witness to the 2 sold out shows he played at the historic venue, on his massively successful 25 Live tour. George always finds a unique way to bring his music to the fans and to express his thanks…So stay tuned…

The announcement will take place tomorrow ( Wed, June 11, 2008 ) at 11am Pacific Time…

UPDATE: Here it is…


George announces two
special concerts at
Earls Court in August!

Exclusive Fanclub Pre-sale begins Wed., June 11 @ 7PM GBT

George Michael announces today that he is to play 2 special concerts at Earls Court on 24th and 25th August to mark the end of his 25 Live Tour that started in Barcelona in September 2006!

Having spent the last 20 months entertaining over 1.3 million fans across Europe with a 49 date 25 Live Tour, followed by a 30 date 25 Live Stadium tour — which incorporated a spectacular opening of the newly built Wembley Stadium — Michael will continue to thrill audiences as he ventures to North America to perform his extraordinary show this summer!

But, not one to overlook his dedicated British fans, and as his way of saying thank you, Michael will return to London to end his tour with two exclusive, filmed , concerts at Earls Court entitled THE FINAL TWO, which is a nod to his sell out Wembley Stadium show, ‘ THE FINAL,’ with Andrew Ridgeley in 1986 when he brought the curtain down on Wham! These very special shows will naturally feature Michael’s hits, some tracks not previously performed in Britain, and a stunning new stage set. Shows truly not to be missed by any George Michael fan.

Join the George Michael Fanclub now to participate in our member-exclusive ticket pre-sale before the general public. Read on for details!

GMFC pre-sale begins WED, 11th June @ 7pm GBT / 11am PT

17 thoughts on “Stay Tuned At 11am On The 11th

  1. I wish I hadn’t gone to sleep so early last night!! I would have read it !!!

  2. mmmmm,way to go George!Thanks for those £100 tickets!! sooooooooooooooo kind,lol.
    I thought we were getting somthing for nothing like a new EP or single to download for free.Why not have the tickets 25£ for live 25? That would be a nice THANK YOU!

  3. “THE FINAL TWO” what a wierd title😦
    hey George, if you really wanna say thank you,then don’t ever say goodbye!!!

  4. Have you seen the BBC News Entertainment page? They seem to have been told that George is giving up touring. We all know it’s not his favourite thing…I just can’t see him not performing on stage anymore. It says on the BBC he’ll do the odd charity thing…that’s assuming anyone asks him. As he gets older, he’s not going to be ‘flavour of the month’ for these sort of things is he? He’s such a fantastic singer…and he does connect well with a live audience…and he’s too young to give it up just yet…and…OH GEORGE!! Have you REALLY thought about this?!!😦

    And, yes, I’m going to see him in August…’cause I missed Wham! The Final in 1986…I’d beter not miss these ones…just in case! 😦

  5. Connie (George’s PR spokeswoman) and George are happy to say anything to the media to get a headline. I would take this with a pinch of salt.

    This is the end of the 25 Live tour. After that finishes, he’ll take a break. I’m sure he’ll be thinking about what he wants to do next. Of course he will have to write his autobiography… but he really needs to figure out the next step to take – there’s so many things he could do.

    I just can’t see him giving up his music. So, will he perform live shows again, and even tour? I don’t see why he wouldn’t. Not for a few years, though. What would the size of the venues be? That simply depends on his popularity at the time and what he wants to do at the time.

  6. If George’s lost some money in this crisis, what a better way to fill up his pockets again, huh… Maybe he’d even been thinking of giving the concert in that hotel originally, as reported, but somehow realized that was very inappropriate at this time… As if the fact that he is doing it at this stadium now- and still signing a deal worth…?- is any better…!

  7. The above comment is not directed solely at George… Generally speaking, I feel pop performances by artists are highly overrated in terms of the money they ask in order to appear somewhere. I just think there is a huge discrepancy there… Like if George believes he has a right to be paid millions for a one-off performance, for doing something that comes naturally at the end of the day, how much should a neurosurgeon(who on top of everything else had to study for many years just to get his degree in Medicine) be paid for performing a life-saving operation?

  8. I ‘ve noticed that he’s drawn to projects that are billed as the “first”, the “greatest”, the “most expensive”… of course all that’s just hype… but for some reason he falls for it… I guess all the achievements in the world can’t fill up the emptiness inside…

  9. In terms of playing a gig in the Middle East: I ‘ve always thought that would be an interesting idea for any artist if they went to the areas of conflict( and played music that contained some healing vibe… Also addressing issues to do with the Islamic mentality(esp women’s issues)… I ‘ve always been surprised at how few artists have the guts to take a stance.

    In George’s case, playing songs like Praying For Time, Mother’s Pride, To Be Forgiven, Patience in places like Beirut, Jerusalem, even Iraq(are concerts allowed there at this time?) could touch hearts…

    But then, what other songs would he be playing? Outside? Star People? An Easier Affair? He just doesn’t have enough songs for the type of copncert I was thinking… Of course he could sing covers… but that’s not the same…

  10. The most important thing to consider though is: who is this man who goes on a stage supposedly to heal/inspire/give people something to believe in? Is this the same man who asserted the concerts in August would be the Final Two then the one in Denmark the Final One…? Whatever happened to honoring one’s word?

    And is this the same man who promised his fans to sort himself out after the latest incident? Oh, so now he’s all sorted out and free from toxicity on all levels? Because what is the point of performing in front of thousands if the vibes you put out are not taking people to a higher ground?

  11. But maybe George has given up on the spiritual dimension of his work. Maybe he prefers to be an entertainer these days. To be honest, that’s the vibe I got from this whole tour… I may not like it but he’s got every right to go down that road if it pleases him. Does that mean that he has to excel at being inconsistent? I would think not. I believe he wants to regain some credibility… If I ‘m right, then doing this concert at this point in time won’t help in that direction. Better stick to what he was planning when he made the original announcement for the Final Two.(“Two” was always a weird choice…). He can go back to performing at a later stage in his life, when he’s had new experiences that hopefully will result in new music.

    Well, that’s my take on things. At the end of the day, I want George to do what he truly wants. And I want to do the same: I truly want to connect with a deeply spiritual musician… I ‘m good at inspiring people… Also, I have these Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow energies flowing through me… it ‘d be amazing if I could channel them into music through someone… I so wanted to do it with George in the past… but he changed in so many ways… so maybe I ‘m meant to cross paths with some other musician… or maybe George will have an epiphany one of these days…

    I ‘m gonna surrender the whole thing to God and allow his plan to unfold.

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