George & Kenny Start Blogging…

Some said it was just a matter of time.  After all, George Michael and Kenny Goss have been avid fans of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog for years. Now the time has finally arrived – George and Kenny have started their own blog.

Kenny wanted the blog to be about all the celebrities that attend their London society parties, with posts such as, “You’ll Never Guess What I Caught Kate Winslet Doing On Our Stairs Last  Night!” and “What The Hell Does ‘Wanked Off’ Mean, Anyway?” However, a source close to the pair, who would identify himself only as “Yogster69” on the phone last night, said that George Michael vetoed this plan, because he thought it would compromise his privacy. Instead, the pair have decided to blog about their one true passion in life – male prostitutes, especially twins wearing tight shorts art… focussing especially on the work of the Goss-Michael foundation.

As you know, as well as showcasing some amazing modern art, the Goss-Michael Foundation believes in supporting the local community around the home of the foundation in Dallas, Texas.  On that note, many congratulations to Scarlett Deering, a exceptional young violinist that Yogster69 George Michael himself recently chose as the recipient this year’s George Michael Music Scholarship.

Scarlett will be starting at the University of Texas in October. Congratulations also to the winner of the Kenny Goss Art Scholarship, Ryan Block; and to Claire Valdez, winner of the Goss-Michael Foundation Texas Art Scholarship.  Both Ryan and Claire are/will be attending the School of the Art Insitute of Chicago.

So, if you’re interested in “all things art”, please head on over to The Goss-Michael Foundation Blog where George, Kenny and the foundation’s ladies and gentlemen…

… got their blog on just a few days ago.  As Lee “Reverse Pterodactyl” McQueen would say, now that’s what I’m talkin’  about!

4 thoughts on “George & Kenny Start Blogging…

  1. You see those framed pictures behind them…those are drawing from the book “The Joy of Sex” (I think.) Anyways, apparently the “artists” drew THEMSELVES in those sexual positions. And by the way, there are even more framed on the wall then that! Well, the point is that I brought a art student with me and she said, “Technically, this is art because it is drawn. But tasteless is the word for it.” LOL! Now the sculptures in the other room were very interesting because they looked like a big pile of junk but when light is shown on them…the shadow on the wall formed a picture. I’d say that the two heads were a VERY GOOD piece of art. However, the “humping” rats were pretty tasteless as that art student once said before! Pfff! Art can be nudity because the human body is beautiful, but why call people giving BJ’s art? I call it Porn! LOL! (I bet someone is a Wanker in that office! LOL! Joke!)

    In conclusion, I’d like to say just on a surprised note…that the drawn sex positions were a straight couple…which confused me a bit!😛😀

  2. The drawn sex positions confused you in what way, DM? The original illustrations in The Joy of Sex books showed sex between a man and a woman. These illustration are iconic; so I can see why different, new interpretations of them could be regarded as art.

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